The Eltra EL / ER 38 encoder is the newest product that appeared most recently in order to respond immediately to the exact and urgent requirements of the market.
The EL38 - ER38 series is a miniature incremental encoder with a blind hollow shaft. Thanks to their compact size, they are ideally suited for industrial automation, robotics, reducers and AC motors.

The device has 3 channels (A / B / Z) and reaches up to 14,400 pulses per revolution, what is the highest performance available on the market at the moment.
The encoder design has a high degree of protection (IP 65).
With the help of a spring and anti-rotating pin, installation can be simplified.

All the encoders of this series have an outside shaft diameter of less than 40 mm and a height of 43 mm, which is perfect for a large number of applications.

Main series:
EL38F, EL38G, ER38F, ER38G.

Miniature series EL38-ER38 have an outside diameter up to 39.5 mm, with excellent resolution and are used in industrial equipment.

Characteristics of encoders:

  • Resolution: up to 14.400 ppr;
  • Voltage: 5-28 V DC;
  • Current: up to 40 mA;
  • Frequency: 500 kHz;
  • Diameter of encoder: 40 mm;
  • Shaft diameter: 10 mm;
  • Temperature: -25...+ 85 С;
  • Protection: IP65.

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