Eltra Encoder: high-quality rotary sensor at competitive prices


Eltra Encoder is the main product of the world known manufacturer from Italy. It produces high quality rotary absolute and incremental encoders, linear sensors, potentiometer and other equipment for angular and linear measurements.

Eltra Sensing Technology has a large network of distributors and dealers in many countries around the world. The company was founded in 1985 and now its products are known not only in Italy, but throughout the world.

Due to its flexibility and high reliability, the company promptly meets the needs of customers in the right equipment and after-sales service. A flexible policy of this encoder manufacturer allows to constantly attract new customers in different countries from all continents.
Over the years, highly qualified staff of the producer has developed a wide range of encoder products that is continuously growing and developing. At present, the list of models includes more than 15,000 items, most of them are incremental and absolute encoder.

In addition to the standard version, ELTRA develops specialized equipment that meets the personal needs of customers.
Eltra enkoder regularly invests in research and development of new technologies, while achieving the optimal combination of price and quality indicators. All this allows it for many years to remain a leader in the industry of rotary encoders.

Every year, the manufacturer innovates to modernize the process of automation in production. Although the company is relatively young, it could become a competitor of such brands as: Baumer, Dynapar, Sick, Omron, Heidenhain, Hohner etc.

Eltra encoder catalog includes:

  • Absolute encoder: optical and magnetic, singleturn and multiturn.
  • Incremental encoder: magnetic and optical, solid shaft and hollow shaft encoder models, a series of standard and miniature encoders.
  • Linear encoder and potentiometer, magnetostrictive transducer.
  • Angle sensors for special applications: heavy duty encoder, explosion proof, servo motor encoder, ring encoder and other.

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Rotary encoder working principle

The main parameter in the classification of such devices is the method of issuing the received data. The sensors are divided into incremental and absolute.
The type of encoder is determined by the method of issuing information used in it. Each of the two types has its own special design.

Incremental sensor has a simpler device. This encoder type transmits information about the object relative to the starting point, which often needs to be set independently. The downside will be the need to reconfigure and set a zero mark after a power outage.

The absolute sensor is created in a more complex structure, which is displayed also in price. However, unlike the previous type, when it is turned on again, it is able to immediately indicate the position and does not need to be adjusted. There are singleturn and multiturn versions depending on the calibration of the coordinates.
Eltra spa produces both types in optical and magnetic versions.

Benefits of Eltra Encoders

The experience and development in the modernization of the equipment provide Eltra rotary encoder a number of excellent benefits:

  • compact dimensions for work in confined spaces;
  • small weight;
  • minimum moment of inertia;
  • durability and wear resistance;
  • high accuracy of indications;
  • easy to use

Under this brand, more than 12,000 units of products are produced annually.

Angle sensors are used in various industries: engine manufacturing, automation, ceramics and textiles, engineering, etc.

Eltra Trade s.r.o. is a official Eltra encoder distributor and offers the best prices and terms of delivery for all model range of Eltra Sensing Technology.

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