Eltra Sensing Technology: the ideal encoder connection.


One of the base moments of perfect encoders is excellent connection between electronic systems of encoder and its mechanic and shaft. It is important that every mechanism and movement to be precise synchronized. Eltra Sensing Technology created the wide range of perfect elastic joints which ensure the best transmission of movement between shaft and encoder. There are different types of joints hub: galvanised steel, polyamide alloy, zinc or aluminium. You can choose also material of insert: aluminium, stainless steel, acetal or polyurethane.

Another advantage of Eltra elastic joints is cylinder-shaped body which has helical groove. It can equilibrate even minor shaft misalignment, decrease and absorb vibrations and get maximum coupling between the outside and the shaft.

You can select required diameter, dimensions and characteristics of joints depending on your demands such as speed, coupling, type of system misalignments and working temperature.

There is also special joints for the extremely conditions of couplings which can ensure electric and thermal insulation.

You can choose full range of Eltra Encoders and different types of elastic joints in our company. We constantly strive to be your best partner in supplying of automation equipment!