IFM Electronic flow sensors: save your money from slipping through your fingers


Sensors are working due to different measuring principles and can be used to monitor liquids and gases. The sensors are available in different designs and can be easily adapted for various applications. Their particularity is the direct transmission of signals to the control system for subsequent processing.

Calorimetric flow measurement systems for gases and compressed air measure flow and allow monitoring even very low consumptions, for example, due to leakage. Ultrasonic measurement systems control flow rate and water discharge. Both systems have a counter function with a wide range of outputs.

IFM Electronic flow sensors operate on the basis of the calorimetric principle, specifically, the transferring of thermal energy by the liquid flow. The calorimetric flow sensors in the probe rod contain two thermistors and a heating source. The heating source raises the temperature in the area of the particular area which is fixed by thermistors. Flowing through the source of heat energy, the fluid takes away some of the heat and the source is cooling. Flow velocity measurement is a temperature change during cooling. The second thermistor compensates the difference in temperature because it's changing can distort the measurement result.


  • Accurate measurement of liquids and gases
  • Special variants for the food industry and explosive areas
  • Wide selection of adapters and fittings
  • Measuring in harsh environment

Almost in all technological processes liquids and gases are used for cooling and lubricating equipment and aggregates, in ventilation systems for equipment and buildings, as well as in the
products processing. Stopping the circulation of these media can lead to significant damage and equipment's downtime. In order to avoid such situations, that is necessary to monitor the supply of these media with sufficient volume and in the right place. For this purpose, electronic flow sensors are used to guarantee a long-term reliable monitoring of the measured medium as well as operate without wear and tear due to the absence of mechanical components.

Measurement environment

  • Liquid media
  • Liquid or gas environment
  • Water
  • Drinking water
  • Compressed air and gases
  • Gaseous substances
  • Oils and refrigerants
  • Corrosive environment

IFM Electronic flow sensors operate on the basis of different physical principles. Along with a simple monitoring function, they can accurately detect flow parameters. The sensors are configured using a convenient menu and do not take much time. Some flow sensors are equipped with temperature control device, so there is no need for an additional measuring point.This makes optimal monitoring possible with no energy loss. Measurement data can be processed in various ways thanks to analog, binary and pulse outputs. The ability to program with the integrated interface and buttons on the housing allows the flow sensors to be adapted to different operating conditions. A wide range of adapters is provided for mounting the sensors.

Eltra-trade offers extensive stocks of IFM Electronic flow sensors, so our customers have the opportunity to choose the sensor that perfectly meets the requirements of their production. If you need to detect working compressed air flow rate with high accuracy we offer you IFM SDG207 model with the switch, analog and pulse output and easy to read 4-digit LED display from our stock.