IFM sensors: the right choice for object recognition on automated production lines


IFM Electronic gmbh is a well-known German manufacturer of sensors and automation equipment for various technological processes. Today the company offers a huge assortment of all kinds of measuring instruments that have been specially designed for use in a particular industry.


Among the sensors range presented by the company you can find:

  • non-contact motion and proximity sensors;
  • magnetic sensors;
  • capacitive sensors;
  • flow control sensors;
  • temperature sensors;
  • object recognition systems;
  • rotary encoders;
  • pressure sensors with ceramic membrane.

The company's product range is really huge, moreover IFM can boast the development of non-standard measuring equipment for use in various industries, so today you can easily acquire such products as meters of physical quantities, positioning sensors, security systems, devices for control of linear and angular displacement, and many others.


Virtually all of the above models are manufactured in the Germany factories. It means that becoming the owner of such a device you can be 100% sure of its accuracy, reliability and durability.

It is also worth noting that the company constantly conducts scientific and technical work and first tries to present novelties to the consumer. You can find basic characteristics of IFM Products on our website and buy any models of IFM sensors capable of inspecting and recognizing objects, detecting level and volume, determining distance and much, much more.

The advantages of measuring devices of this company include:

  • durability;
  • high frequency and accuracy of switching;
  • insensitivity to moisture, vibration and dust;
  • resistance to aggressive environments;
  • reliability and durability of shell materials;
  • the possibility of application in any industry;
  • a huge selection of modifications;
  • wide assortment of mounting accessories.

Considering the advantages of the sensors of this brand, special attention should be paid to modifications that are able to provide accurate verification of function variables. Unlike many similar devices that perform verification based on certain defined circuits, the new meter is able to easily determine not only the shape, location and size, but also the presence of the completeness of objects.

Choosing the sensors of IFM Electronic, you can be sure that over the years they will provide the necessary level of control at your production.

We can supply full range of IFM Electronic sensors with the best price and the shortest time possible. In the Eltra Trade Company you can find: position sensors, condition monitoring systems, identification systems, industrial communication, process sensors, safety technology and other IFM products.

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