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Socket, AC/DC, M12 connector, Free from halogen


  • PNP; (type 2 selon CEI 61131-2)
  • 20...30; (DC)
  • > 11
  • 20...30 DC; (US; according to SELV/TBTP)
  • 300...3900; (US)
  • 16; (configurable)
  • IO-Link master DataLine
  • DC
  • M12 Connector


R360/BasicController 12/8

R360/BasicController 12/12




Multifunction customizable inputs and outputs, durable metal housing, high degree of protection, programmable to IEC 61131-3 with CODESYS, high-performance CAN interface


ioControl/In 8/Out 8/DT6

  • Speed monitor
  • M30 x 1,5
  • AC/DC
  • 2 m PUR-Cable
  • 2 m
  • PUR
  • simple evaluation of rotating and linear movement with regard to underspeed
  • Jumper
  • Patch cable
  • Ethernet cable, D-coded
  • R360
  • 1,2M
  • 702
  • recessed
  • 163.5x210x50.6
  • galvanised steel


  • Socket, AC/DC
  • M12 connector
  • Free from halogen
  • Socket, AC/DC
  • M12 connector
  • Free from halogen

Inductive sensor, Plastic housing, ? 164, DC PNP, Cable, Sensing range 120 mm [nf] adjustable 30...120 mm

  • Inductive sensor
  • Metal thread
  • M18 x 1
  • DC PNP
  • Gold-plated contacts
  • Connector
  • Gold-plated contacts
  • Sensing range 5 mm [f]
  • Metal thread
  • M18 x 1
  • Increased immunity to conducted radio frequency interference
  • Connector
  • Sensing range 5 mm [f]
  • Metal thread
  • M30 x 1.5
  • DC PNP
  • Increased sensing range
  • Cable
  • Increased sensing range
  • Sensing range 14 mm [f]

Inclination sensor, ± 45°, CANopen interface, Self-test function, Heartbeat, Emergency messages available

  • Capacitive sensor
  • Sensing range 0.5...40 mm non-flush mountable
  • Operating voltage 10...30 DC V
  • 3-wire
  • PNP
  • M12 Connector
  • PMD 3D ToF (Time of Flight) camera for the output of 3D image data
  • Device interfaces: digital input/output
  • Ethernet
  • Angle of aperture 60° x 45° (horizontal x vertical)
  • Image resolution 176 x 132 pixels
  • Connector, Outputs: max. 2 (configurable)
  • Retro-reflective sensor
  • Rectangular, plastics
  • DC PNP
  • Polarisation filter
  • Connector

Electronic pressure sensor, DC, e1 compliant, Connector, Analogue output

Electronic pressure sensor, DC, e1 compliant, Connector, Analogue output

  • PI-010-RES30-MFRKG/US/ /P
  • -14.5...145psi
  • -0.1...1MPa

The presentation of IFM catalog you can find here: IFM overview pdf 

IFM electronic sensors are widely recognized as cutting edge reliable, perfect quality component solutions for many industrial electronics and plant automation applications. With more than 8000 item production inventory assortment IFM electronics surely will offer the best solution for your automation project, product or operation.

  • Position sensors
  • Machine condition monitoring systems
  • Vision sensors

IFM Electronics developed sensor product lines specially designed for the food industry and small plant automation.

The Company

Founded 1969 in Essen, Germany, IFM Electronics is vigorously committed to research, development, design and production of physical quantity sensors, controllers and industrial automation systems. Started as a local family enterprise the company has grown into a multinational corporation with more than 5200 employees in 70 countries all over the World.

IFM Electronics empowers innovative synergies combined with a global approach to business. Company aspires to business agility, maintaining flexible and close ties with average link enterprises. IFM Electronics corporate operating center and major offices are located in Essen, Germany.


Since the foundation, IFM Electronic envisioned its main mission in development, design and production of the widest variety of electronic sensors, controllers, devices, parts and accessories for any purpose, industry, applications and environments. Today the company ready production stock has over 8000 unique items assortment inventory:

  • AS-i sensors and accessories
  • accessories and connectors
  • capacitive proximity sensors
  • contactless inductive sensors of position and proximity
  • contactless optical sensors
     - standard optical proximity sensors
     - optical sensors with fiber optics
     - sensors of contrast labels
     - laser rangefinders
  • diagnostics systems (vibration sensors for monitoring and prevention of wear)
  • electronic temperature sensors
  • liquids and gases flow sensors
  • RFID tag identification system sensors
  • level sensors
  • magnetic cylinder sensors
  • power supplies
  • pressure sensors
     - ceramic membrane sensors for the food and beverage industry
     - general use
  • recognition system (machine vision)
  • rotary encoders
  • production safety sensors
  • transmitters and limit switches.

Most of the sensor items are manufactured in Germany.

When choosing the IFM Electronics sensors please pay attention to picking the original supplied connectors and cables. They’re designed to ensure reliable electrical connection even in heavy-duty, food, and chemical industries operating conditions.

Research and Development

IFM Electronics pays ever going attention to applied scientific research and new product development. It constantly invests time, talents, effort, and expertise into new prospective product ideas, designs, and manufacturing technologies. The company perpetually introduces new, innovative products. IMF Electronics products have repeatedly won many prestigious international awards for original technical design engineering.