Lenze frequency inverters


Lenze frequency drives are designed to control and regulate operation of the electromotor by adjusting frequency of electric current.

Principle of work

Presented frequency converter consists of several parts. Single-phase or three-phase rectifier is installed in devices, depending on their task.

Due to built-in functions such drive can adjust the operation of the electric motor. For example, it can provide a smooth start and stop of a conveyor belt.

Lenze frequency drive series

The German company produces several series of such converters. Manufactured lenze converters are divided into several categories:

  • ESMD;
  • SMVector;
  • 8200Vector;
  • 8400Drives;
  • 8200Motec;
  • 9300Vector.

This diversity allows client to choose the most suitable device for different tasks: from simple to very difficult.

ESMD. A feature of this converter is the scalar (without vector) method control. Device can perform a wide range of different tasks where this kind of control is required. Appliance is very easy to use and install.

SMVector. Series of frequency converters for speed control in AC motors. Have a compact design and size. It has fully programmed discrete and analogue inputs / outputs, which allows using device for a wide range of tasks. This is also contributed by flexibility of settings.

8200Vector. It is a universal device. Drive can withstand overload up to 180% in a minute. Device has a very simple design. Due to this, it can be quickly installed and does not require complex maintenance. The appliance is controlled by the vector method. Inverter can work in harsh environments.

8400 Drives. Series of devices is designed to control and regulate motor speed without an additional feedback sensor. It has integrated brake control system and short circuit protection. Great for use with extruders, dispensers and different motion drives.

8200 Motec. Drives that are designed to solve decentralized tasks. It is mounted directly in the terminal box. Available in several versions. For example, customer can choose a control method by using special panel on inverter or connecting to a PC with using the GDC easy software.

9300 Vector. Series of devices that are used in environments with high demands for accuracy and reliability. Can work even without speed feedback. Most often used in delivery systems and dosages, filling mechanisms and other high-precision equipment.

The functional and technical parameters of each model are different, but all Lenze inverters also have common features.

Regardless of model, Lenze frequency converters have some common positive characteristics:

  1. Wide power range - 0.25-400 kW.
  2. Modern feedback control.
  3. PID control to extend control option.
  4. High overload protection.
  5. The presence of interference filter.
  6. Compactness and ergonomics housing.
  7. Separate acceleration and deceleration settings.
  8. Availability of reverse.

The manufacturer decided to provide affordable price without loss of quality. This deprived the appliance of superfluous functionality and left the most frequently used set of actions.

On the Eltra Trade website you can find a large number of Lenze frequency converter models.

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