Lenze 8200 Vector frequency drive 11kW 400V for work with standard AC Induction motor

Frequency convertor 8200 vector e82ev152k2c Lenze 8200 Vector frequency divers for system solutions


Lenze frequency drive 8200 Vector 22kW, 400V and 3ph for work with standard AC induction motors.


Frequency convertor 8200 vector e82ev302k4c200
Lenze 8200 Vector frequency divers for system solutions

Frequency convertor 8200 vector e82ev371_2c Lenze 8200 Vector frequency divers for system solutions

Lenze 8200 Vector frequency converter basic unit without integrated filter.

Frequency convertor 8200 vector e82ev552k4c
Lenze 8200 Vector frequency divers for system solutions

Lenze 8200 E82E frequency drive for cabinet mounting with 4poles with modular communication LECOM, PROFIBUS, INTERBUS, DeviceNet, CANopen and CAN.

Lenze AC drive 8200 Vector with 7.5kW, 400V 3Ph motor in Flux Vector of VxF contorol to 16.5A.

The German company Lenze has been present on the market since 1947. During this time, a small factory has become a huge successful global holding.
Today, the company has 52 offices and branches in 60 countries and this number is constantly growing. Therefore, LENZE gmbh covers its products markets on all continents.

The secret of success Lenze automation

Thanks to the principles that the German brand follows, it has succeeded on the world stage. Devotion to principles, reliability and efficiency are the main pillars on which the company's policy stands.

In addition, an important factor will be the provision of excellent services for the sold products. The concern has a wide staff of highly qualified professionals around the world who are ready to solve any problem regarding installation, commissioning or replacement of Lenze equipment.
Experience and qualifications of the company's engineers around the world allow manufacturer to preserve and maintain the work of the products at the highest level, despite the geographical location.

Lenze Corporation is serious about environmental conservation. Therefore, it directs great efforts to increase energy efficiency and significantly reduce pollution.
It is also important to note that the environmental management system of the holding has a certificate of ISO 14001.

Lenze company products

For more than 70 years of operation, the company has developed its own product line. Today the concern produces such types of devices for the industry as:

Control devices. It includes appliances necessary to create an industrial automation process. These devices provide control and operation of whole instrument chains along several axes. This category includes next products:

  •  Industrial PC v800-C;
  •  Industrial PC v800-P;
  •  Monitor v200-P;
  •  Controller p500;
  •  Controller 3200 C;
  •  Controller p300;
  •  Controller c300;
  •  Safety Controller c250-S;
  •  I/O system 1000;
  •  Monitor panels;
  •  VisiWinNET®.

Frequency Lenze Inverters. The manufacturer creates a wide range of appliances for almost all automation applications. Each client can choose the model that best suits his request. Servo Lenze drives are also in this series. Divided into two categories:

  1.  Frequency Inverters for motor-mounting or wall-mounting.
  2.  Frequency Inverters and Servo Inverters for control cabinet installation.

Motors. Lenze engines are reliable and efficient. Motors have good protection against overload and mechanical damage. This series includes:
 Servo motors

  •  Inverter-operated three-phase AC motors;
  •  Mains-operated three-phase AC motors;
  • Gearboxes. These types of devices are available in very compact designs. This is provided by a modular system that the corporation has successfully implemented. 

Gearboxes and gear - motors are produced in a capacity up to 45kW. It is divided into the following categories:

  •  Axial gearboxes;
  •  Right-angle gearboxes.

Company also produces several more product series for the needs of various industries.

Lenze is a time-tested experience and quality. The holding always fulfills its obligations fully and works for the result.
You can find a large number of company’s products on the website of Eltra-Trade. To buy a device, simply call the specified phone numbers or leave a purchase request.

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