Mitutoyo products overview


The corporation's plain and inflexible aim of creating the highest quality products at the best price available worldwide has propelled Mitutoyo from modest background in 1934 to a position as the world's master supplier of metrology installation. The firm operates in more than 100 countries, including development, production and trades. Only in Japan, Mitutoyo has two growth sites, 10 production facilities, two metrological institutions, five calibration labs, seven service centers.Mitutoyo products overview

Mitutoyo corporation

The Japanese company Mitutoyo was founded in 1934 by the son of a modest Japanese priest, Mr. Numata. Numat's goal in setting up the new venture was very clear - to produce measuring instruments that are easy to use and affordable.

In the year of creation, the first measuring tool under the brand Mitutoyo micrometer was released. The success of this meter was the first step towards worldwide recognition in the field of measuring technology. The 1970s are marked in history as the years of the "electronic revolution". For the first time, Mitutoyo has successfully mastered hybrid electronic-mechanical circuits for measuring dimensions, surface finish, shape elements and pattern contours.
The key goal of Mitutoyo Europe GmbH is to coordinate between the companies of the European group in order to optimize sales and technical support in the interests of service and customer satisfaction.Mitutoyo tools overview

Mitutoyo products

The main type Mitutoyo products is a manual measuring instrument and metrological equipment of the highest quality. The production line includes a full range of high-precision measuring devices from standard analog and digital universal measuring devices to complex precision measuring systems for monitoring parameters of any complexity.

Mitutoyo caliper

Universal measuring device designed for high-precision measurements of external and internal linear dimensions, as well as hole depths. One of the most common measuring instruments due to its simple design, easy handling and quick operation.

Mitutoyo bore

It is a dimension device used to define the altitude of facilities and to note objects to be worked on.

Digital roulettes

This is the same ordinary tape measure, only it works like a digital odometer, that is, the odometer sensor counts the rotation of the drum when the tape is pulled out, and converts the data into centimeters and millimeters, which are displayed on a small screen.

Sets of flat-parallel size blocks

The main purpose is to store and transmit a unit of longitude. End measures check, gauge or set on the size of the metering implement(micrometer, caliber, indicator, sine ruler, etc.), diverse check manufacture patterns and arrangements.Mitutoyo Micrometers

Mitutoyo micrometer

Includes smooth and lever micrometers

  • for determining the size of objects with a smooth surface.
  • equipped with a lever-toothed head for measuring products with a complex configuration.

Mitutoyo dial gauge

Three-point inside gauge is a measuring tool that measures the diameter of through and sightless apertures in different blanks, as well as determines the dimensions of the centering edges.

Measuring stands

The stand is designed for fixing measuring heads and is used for absolute and relative measurements of linear dimensions and control of deviations from a given geometric shape.

Measuring heads

Measuring instruments that convert small movements of the measuring probe into large movements of the pointer along the scale. They are mainly used for relative measurements, measuring deviations, irregularities, beating of shaft surfaces.

Profilometers and profilers

The profilometer displays the values of the measured roughness parameter on a special indicator (built-in display or scale). The profiler, in turn, presents the measurement results at the end of the entire procedure in the form of a graph - the so-called profilogram, which is a curved line.Micrometer Mitutoyo

Round gauges

Measuring device for determining out-of-roundness (deviations from roundness), that is, the greatest distance of the points of the real contour of cylindrical surfaces in cross section to the adjacent (enclosing) circle.

Profile projectors

This is a special projector that enhances and projects the shapes of measured parts on the shade to control their sections and shapes with big precision by optical projection method.Mitutoyo calipers

Mitutoyo Microscopes

A microscope for examining objects with their volumetric perception. Images of an object form a stereo pair, which ensures the transfer of objects in accordance with how they are separately seen by the right and left eyes of a person.

The variety of high-precision MITUTOYO tools (more than 5,000 items), a wide branch network for proximity to the consumer (more than 100 countries in the world), and the provision of measurement uniformity (a network of calibration laboratories worldwide) allow the company to be a leader in the measuring equipment market.

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