Norgren pneumatic cylinders&actuators series


Pneumatic cylinders and actuators are devices that turn the energy of compressed air into a mechanical one. In systems with a double-acting operation principle, compressed air is supplied to the piston and rod areas, and in single-acting ones to one of them.


  1. IMI norgren cylinder
  2. Roundline cylinders
  3. Compact cylinders
  4. Profile (ISOLine) 
  5. IVAC (Integrated Valve & Actuator Control
  6. Lintra (Rodless)
  7. Rotary actuators
  8. Stainless steel cylinders
  9. Guiding cylinders and extendable tables
  10. Classical cylinders and accessories
  11. Where to buy norgren cylinders?

IMI norgren cylinder

Pneumocylinders are one of Norgren’s core specifications. The company already have released a wide range of pneumatic automation devices series.

The following types are included in the Norgren air cylinder category:

  • Roundline
  • Compact
  • ISOlLine Profile & Tie-ROD
  • IVAC
  • Stainless steel cylinders
  • Lintra
  • Slidees & Guided
  • Rotary actuators
  • Classic cylinders

All models are designed specially to work in pneumatic systems. In addition to the main series, accessories are also available: switchers, shock absorbers and air bellows.

Devices work mainly with compressed air, both with and without oils. Let`s look at each type in detail.

Roundline cylinders

This type includes cylinders with a round shape of the outer housing. The series is divided into two types: standard and models that comply with ISO 6432 (ISO Roundline cylinders).

Standard models have mounting bores with diameters in the range from 8 to 63 mm. ISO roundline cylinders, according to standards requirements have bores with Ø10 - 25 mm.

The Norgren Round actuators category consists of the following lines:Norgren roundline actuator photo

  • RM/ 28000/M
  • RT/57100/M
  • RM/55401/M
  • RM/8000/M
  • RT/57200/M
  • VSM/55600/N2

The first two series have single-acting working principle and other are double-acting. Presented category units are primarily designed to work with light loads. Most of the models have lids rolled on both sides and an austenitic or martensitic stainless steel housing.

Compact cylinders

Devices of this category are ideal when it is necessary to work with a short piston stroke under high efforts. All series models have small dimensions and significantly reduce the working space. The category is divided into clamping (monoblock) and ISO compact (in accordance with ISO 21287) with a short stroke (12-100 mm bore size).

The following series belong to Norgren compact cylinders:Norgren compact actuator photo

  • RM/91000/M
  • RA/191000/M
  • RA/191000/MX
  • RA/1930000/M
  • RA/1930000/MX
  • M/50100
  • RM/92000
  • RA/192000/M
  • RA/192000/MX
  • M/50200

The main body in the major part of units is made of anodized aluminum. Its rod is made of stainless steel with several options for placement. Nitrile rubber and polyurethane are used here as seal materials. Models are available with both single and double-acting principle of action.

Profile (ISOLine) cylinders

Such family includes the standard ISOLine cylinders, with Tie-rod and models with large-bores. Specialized versions have improved mechanical protection.

The following series belong to Norgren profile cylinder line:Norgren profile cylinder photo

  • PRA/181000/M
  • RA/28000/M
  • PRA/282000/M
  • PRA/182000/M
  • PRA/182000/L2
  • PRA/182000/L4
  • RA/8000/M
  • RA/8000/L2
  • RA/8000/L4
  • PSA/182000/F1

The first two models have single-acting design. All devices in the series are made in accordance to ISO 15552 and ISO 6431.

IVAC (Integrated Valve & Actuator Control)

The IVAC series is ISO / VDMA compliant and have high-energy efficiency. Such pneumatic cylinders have a built-in valve, which allows performing the damping function.

The company produces two types of IVAC actuators:

  • Cleanline Profile
  • Industrial Profile

Cleanline units are created according to the main requirements of the food industry and have a protection level of IP67. Industrial Profile has an IP65 enclosure rating and is designed for general use.

All cylinders in this category belong to the PRA / 862000 series. The use of such devices can reduce energy consumption by 2 times.

Lintra (Rodless)Norgren lintra cylinders

This category includes cylinders with a rodless design. It’s divided into three main categories: Lintra Standard Series, Lintra Plus (Pneumatic Rodless Cylinders) and Lintra Spindle or toothed belt actuators.

The LIntra and Linta Plus series includes the following actuators:

  • М/4000/M
  • M/46800/M
  • M/46800/M
  • M/46800/HM
  • M/46800/PM
  • LAP4
  • LAP8
  • M/146000/M
  • M/146100/M
  • M/146200/M

Presented models are made with anodized aluminum and have an effective damping function, which partially may absorb the load. Lintra Series also have double-acting working principle.

The second type of this category are spindle actuators or cylinders with a toothed belt. Norgren manufactured several series that belongs to such family:

  • М/49800/P
  • M/49800/BS
  • M/49800/LS
  • M/48200/H
  • M/48800/P
  • LAE4
  • LAE8
  • M/49000
  • M/49100
  • M/49200

Devices that are used a toothed belt have a high degree of repeatability. They are also had a rubberized inner guide. Its belt is made of polyurethane and steel reinforcement.

Spindle cylinders are designed with an electric spindle or ball screw. Such devices have internal, external or precision guides, depending on the purpose.

The actuators of the series have a small weight and highly robust design at the same time. Devices had special protection from a dust. They can also have linear travel speeds up to 15m / s.

Rotary actuatorsNorgren rotary actuator image

Such devices are necessary in cases where it is necessary to adjust the nonlinear displacement, for example, rotary or angular. Two versions of this category are available: rotary vane actuators and rack & pinion.

The Norgren rotary actuators including the following series:

  • M/69210/M
  • M/60270/M
  • M/60280
  • M/162000/MI

The latest series is fully compliant with the requirements of ISO15552 standard. Rotary vane units may work with a constant and adjustable rotation angle. All variations have compact size and can be mounted even in small working areas.

Stainless steel cylinders

Operation in some environments requires usage strength equipment with corrosion resistance. For this situations some details of devices for harsh condition is made of stainless steel. The company produces two types of such cylinders: Roadline and with Tie Rod.

Norgren rotary actuators including the following series:

  • KM/8000/M
  • KM/55001/M
  • KA/8000, ../M
  • PVA/182000, ../M
  • VM/146000, ../M,
  • VM/146100, ../M
  • KM/31000

For manufacturing of presented series, the producer using stainless steel AISI 303, 304 and 316.

Guiding cylinders and extendable tables

This category includes guiding, stopper and slide units. They have a high degree of safety and durability. This allows using them in some harsh conditions.

The Slide Unit & Guided Cylinders IMI Norgren family includes:Norgren guided actuator image

  • M/60100/M
  • M/61000/M
  • M/61000/MR
  • M/61200/M
  • M/61200/ MR

The operation of devices is based on the use of a magnetic piston. All models have a double-acting operation principle.

Classical cylinders and accessories

The category of standard pneumatic cylinders includes devices for various applications, as well as additional units, for example, bellows.

There are several series of classical type cylinders Norgren:

  • Imperial Tie Rod (RM/900/M)
  • Fixed range Positioner (M/1525; M/1540)
  • Impact (M/3000)
  • Repairable roundline (M/6000)

The family of standard devices also includes air bellows of the PM / 31000 and M / 31000 series, and also M / 55900 Air Oil Converter as additional equipment.

Where to buy norgren cylinders?

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