Omron Industrial Automation Sensors


In modern industry, sensors play a key role in ensuring the efficiency, reliability, and safety of production processes. These small but important devices detect, measure, and control various environmental parameters, enabling automation and optimization of operations across a wide range of industries. From industrial robots to automated production lines, from medical devices to vehicles, sensors play a critical role in collecting data, making decisions, and ensuring the safety of both equipment and personnel.

In this context, understanding the importance of sensors in the industry becomes a key factor to increase productivity, reduce costs, and ensure competitiveness in the market. In our material today, we will take a detailed look at what industrial sensors Ormorn provides and in what areas they are used. 

The Right Sensor for Every Application

Nowadays, no industrial sector can do without diverse sensors that simplify processes. Sensors are also used in instrument design. Omron sensors are widely used in various industries due to their accuracy, reliability, and variety of functionality. Let's take a look at some of the main applications for Omron sensors.

Industrial automation
Photoelectric sensors are used for object detection, counting, and positioning in automated production and assembly lines. Proximity sensors are used to detect the presence of objects or materials on conveyors, ensuring smooth movement of materials. As for ultrasonic sensors they are used for distance measurement, object detection, and level control in a variety of industrial processes.

Packaging and labeling
Omron sensors play a key role in packaging machines, detecting the presence and position of packages to ensure precise filling and sealing. At the same time, vision sensors are used to read barcodes, check labeling, and verify packaging, providing product traceability and quality control.

Sensor for Every Application

Materials recycling
Proximity sensors and photoelectric sensors are used in automated putaway and retrieval systems to detect pallets and containers, facilitating efficient warehouse management. And ultrasonic sensors are used to monitor levels in silos, tanks, and containers, ensuring optimal inventory management.

Automotive industry
Omron inductive sensors are used in automotive manufacturing for part detection, assembly inspection, and quality control. Also, vision sensors are integrated into robotic systems to accurately select, place, and inspect parts during the assembly process.

Food and beverage manufacturing
Omron sensors are used to detect and sort food products by size, shape, and color in processing and packaging lines. While temperature and humidity sensors monitor environmental conditions to ensure food safety and compliance with regulatory standards.

Medical devices and healthcare
Omron automation sensors are used in medical devices for patient monitoring, drug delivery systems, and diagnostic equipment. As for pressure sensors, their main task is to monitor blood pressure, airflow, and fluid levels in medical and respiratory therapy devices.

Safety and security
Motion and presence sensors are usually used to detect unwanted access and monitor security at sites. And light curtains and laser scanners to ensure the safety of personnel in hazardous areas and near machines and equipment.

Omron Sensor Types

Omron offers a comprehensive range of sensors specifically designed for industrial automation applications. These sensors play a crucial role in monitoring, controlling, and optimizing various processes in manufacturing and production environments. Below we will look at sensor solutions from Omron that are most often used in industrial automation.

  • Photoelectric sensors

These sensors use light beams to detect the presence, absence, or distance of objects. Omron offers a wide range of photoelectric sensors including diffuse-reflective, through-beam, retro-reflective, and fiber-optic sensors. Omron photoelectric sensors are commonly used in packaging, material handling, and assembly applications.

  • Proximity sensors

Omron proximity sensors, also known as proximity switches, detect the presence or absence of objects without physical contact. They are available in various types such as inductive, capacitive, and magnetic sensors. Inductive sensors are commonly used for metal detection, while capacitive sensors are suitable for detecting non-metal objects.


  • Ultrasonic sensors

These sensors use sound waves to detect the presence, distance, or level of objects. They are suitable for applications where optical sensors might be affected by factors like dust, smoke, or color. Ultrasonic sensors are used in industries such as automotive, food and beverage, and packaging.

  • Vision sensors

Vision sensors utilize image processing technology to inspect and identify objects based on their visual characteristics. These sensors are capable of tasks such as barcode reading, part inspection, and color recognition. They are commonly used in quality control and assembly verification applications.

  • Safety sensors

Omron offers a range of safety sensors designed to ensure the safety of personnel and equipment in industrial environments. These include safety light curtains, safety laser scanners, and safety mats, which detect the presence of personnel in hazardous areas and trigger safety measures accordingly.

  • Temperature sensors

Omron manufactures sensors for monitoring temperature levels in industrial environments. These sensors are crucial for maintaining optimal conditions in processes such as HVAC control, storage, and food processing.

type sensors

  • Pressure sensors

These sensors measure pressure levels in various industrial processes. They are used in applications such as pneumatic systems, hydraulic systems, and HVAC systems for pressure monitoring and control.

  • Flow sensors

Omron's flow sensors measure the flow rate of liquids or gases in industrial applications. They are used for flow monitoring, control, and measurement in pipelines, tanks, and equipment.

  • Level sensors

The level sensors measure the level of liquids or solids in containers, tanks, or silos. They are used for level monitoring, control, and detection in industrial processes and storage systems.

  • Fiber optic sensors

Omron offers a range of fiber optic sensors that are designed to provide precise and reliable detection capabilities in industrial automation applications. Fiber optic sensors utilize optical fibers to transmit and receive light, enabling them to detect objects with high accuracy and sensitivity.

  • Humidity sensors

Omron humidity sensors monitor humidity levels in industrial environments, critical for applications such as climate control, environmental monitoring, and product quality assurance.

  • Vibration sensors

Vibration sensors detect and measure vibrations in machinery and equipment, providing early warning of potential malfunctions or defects to prevent costly downtime and repairs. The operating principle of such detectors is the conversion of mechanical vibrations into electrical signals and their transmission to control devices.

  • Position Sensors

Position sensors, including linear and rotary sensors, provide accurate position feedback for motion control and positioning applications in industrial automation systems. In particular, these electronic devices can be widely applied in various industries such as the automobile industry, medical equipment, production lines, etc.

Why Choose Omron Sensors?

When it comes to industrial automation sensors, the choice you make can significantly impact the efficiency, reliability, and ultimately, the success of your operations. Omron Industrial Automation Sensors stand out in the market for several compelling reasons, making them the preferred choice for businesses across various industries.

1. Cutting-Edge Technology
Omron is renowned for its commitment to innovation and technological advancement. Their sensors are equipped with state-of-the-art features and capabilities, leveraging the latest developments in sensor technology. From advanced image processing algorithms in vision sensors to high-precision measurement capabilities in pressure sensors, Omron continuously pushes the boundaries of what is possible in industrial automation.

2. Unrivaled Performance and Accuracy
In the realm of industrial automation, precision is paramount. Omron sensors deliver unparalleled performance and accuracy, ensuring reliable detection and measurement in even the most demanding environments. Whether you're monitoring temperature fluctuations in a manufacturing process or detecting minute defects in a product, you can trust Omron sensors to deliver precise and reliable results every time.

Industrial Automation Sensors

3. Durability and Reliability
Industrial environments can be harsh and unforgiving, with exposure to extreme temperatures, moisture, dust, and vibration. Omron sensors are built to withstand these challenging conditions, with rugged construction and robust design features. This durability ensures long-term reliability and minimizes downtime, allowing your operations to run smoothly and efficiently without interruptions.

4. Wide Range of Applications
One of the key advantages of Omron sensors is their versatility and adaptability to a wide range of industrial applications. Whether you're in the automotive, food and beverage, pharmaceutical, packaging, or any other industry, Omron offers a comprehensive selection of sensors tailored to meet your specific needs. From photoelectric sensors for object detection to ultrasonic sensors for distance measurement, Omron has you covered.

5. Seamless Integration and Compatibility
Omron sensors are designed for seamless integration with existing automation systems, ensuring compatibility and interoperability with a variety of platforms and equipment. Whether you're upgrading your current system or starting from scratch, Omron sensors make the integration process smooth and hassle-free, saving you time and effort.

6. Comprehensive Support and Service
Choosing Omron means gaining access to a wealth of resources, including technical support, training, and service offerings. Omron's team of experts is dedicated to helping you maximize the performance and efficiency of your automation system, providing assistance every step of the way. Whether you need help with installation, troubleshooting, or optimization, Omron is there to support you.

In the realm of industrial automation, Omron Industrial Automation Sensors stand out as the epitome of precision and reliability. With a diverse range of cutting-edge sensors tailored to modern manufacturing needs, Omron empowers businesses to optimize their processes and drive productivity to new heights. As the official Omron sensors distributor, Eltra Trade takes pride in offering the largest product catalog, ensuring that businesses have access to the widest selection of high-quality sensors. Our experienced managers are dedicated to assisting customers in selecting the best option for their specific needs, providing expert guidance every step of the way. Trust Omron sensors through Eltra Trade for unparalleled performance and peace of mind in your automation endeavors.