Omron Sensors


24 VDC, 60 W, 2.5A, DIN rail mounting

Distance-settable Optoelectronic Sensor with Metal Case.

Grooved-type Optoelectronic Sensor.

Diffuse Photoelectric Sensor

Omron Safety Sensor F3SG4RA083030.

Hand protection. Detection capability: Dia. 25 mm. 

  • nickel-plated brass
  • short body
  • non-flush
  • 8mm
  • PNP NO
  • M12 connector
  • gold-plated contacts

OMRON E32-E01R 10M BY OMG - Fiber optic sensor head, 100m optical fiber, 2.2mm extra flexible multicore optical fiber with min. bending radius R1.

E32 E02 Fiber optic sensor 10m fibre roll, 1.1mm monocore

Photoelectric Sensors Color

USB converter unit with copy and backup function.

Sensing Distance: 8mm
Output type: PNP PNP
Operating mode: NO

Distance-settable Optoelectronic Sensor with Metal Case.

Sensing distance: 0,1 - 1м.

Retro-reflective Photoelectric Sensor.

Compact photoelectric sensor of diffuse reflection.

Retro-Reflective Photoelectric Sensor.

Omron optoelectronic sensor E3TSR242M. Distance: 0-0,2 м.

Omron sensor E3XNA11. 2m cable.

PNP 12 to 24 VDC. 35 mA (Max.)

Retro-reflective sensor without M.S.R. function.

12 mm Mark Sensor.