Omron Sensors

OMRON E32-E01R 10M BY OMG - Fiber optic sensor head, 100m optical fiber, 2.2mm extra flexible multicore optical fiber with min. bending radius R1.

E32 E02 Fiber optic sensor 10m fibre roll, 1.1mm monocore

Distance-settable Optoelectronic Sensor with Metal Case.

Distance-settable Optoelectronic Sensor with Metal Case.

Grooved-type Optoelectronic Sensor.

Diffuse Photoelectric Sensor

Sensing distance: 0,1 - 1м.

Retro-reflective Photoelectric Sensor.

Compact photoelectric sensor of diffuse reflection.

Retro-Reflective Photoelectric Sensor.

Omron optoelectronic sensor E3TSR242M. Distance: 0-0,2 м.

Omron sensor E3XNA11. 2m cable.

PNP 12 to 24 VDC. 35 mA (Max.)

Retro-reflective sensor without M.S.R. function.

12 mm Mark Sensor.

Omron Safety Sensor F3SG4RA083030.

Hand protection. Detection capability: Dia. 25 mm. 

USB converter unit with copy and backup function.

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