Pepperl+Fuchs Proximity Sensors: right choice for accurate object recognition


In 1945 in Germany radio-amateur Walter Pepperl and banker Ludwig Fuchs decided to open a small shop for the repair of radio equipment. Later the workshop turned into a giant company called Pepperl + Fuchs.

Since 1955 the company has employed about 40 employees. In 1959, with common forces and non-standard ideas, Pepperl Fuchs developed a transistor and a proximity sensor.

Today the company occupies one of the leading positions in the world market of equipment for automation systems (machine building and packaging, chemical and technological industries, automotive, etc.).

Now Pepperl Fuchs has about 5,600 employees, and the factories of the company are located in different countries around the world (Germany, USA, Hungary, Czech Republic, Indonesia, India, Singapore and Vietnam). All manufactured products meets all international standards and has ISO9001 quality certificate.

PEPPERL+FUCHS Proximity Sensors 

The main products of Pepperl Fuchs are:

  • industrial sensors (inductive, capacitive, magnetic, ultrasonic, encoders, photoelectric, machine vision systems)

  • safety systems (level measurement, monitors, power supplies, software, signal restorers).

Inductive proximity sensors 

Inductive sensors represent the best solution for the exact location of metal objects in the range up to 100 mm. They consist of a generator in which the inductor is located.

The operation principle of the sensor: The magnetic fields is distributed, the lines of force emerging from the sensing element and penetrate into the touch zone.

Inductive sensor is widely used in mechanical engineering or in automation systems.

Represented by the family: NEB8, IA6, NBB0.


  • stainless steel housing;

  • short circuit protection;

  • resistance to pressure;

  • LED indicators;

  • protection from dust and moisture with IP69k category;

  • connection by terminal connection or by means of connectors M8, M12;

  • there are outputs of direct and alternating current (2, 3, 4-wire), output type NAMUR.  

Capacitive sensors 

Unlike inductive, capacitive sensors allow us to define both metallic and nonmetallic objects. They are often used for the recognition of powders, liquids, granules and for measuring the level of resources.

The sensors are divided into: CBB4, CBB8, CBN.


  • cylindrical body (d = 12, 18, 30 mm);

  • made of plastic or stainless steel;

  • shells of long form (80x80x40 mm), rectangular shape (thickness 5 mm);

  • output DC and output type NAMUR;

  • used in explosive areas.

Magnetic sensors

Magnetic sensors are used in those cases where the application of the magnetic detection method is actual. They accurately determine the position with magnets and can easily be mounted without holes in the cylinder.

The main series: MB60, MC60, 20FR1-6B, 40FR1, 40FY26.

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