PLC and gateway functions in IFM Electronics safe automation system.


Just like a smartphone is more than just a phone, the new SmartPLC from IFM Electronics is not just a PLC. Flexible for various tasks SmartPLC  even can be used in applications related to Safety, up to SIL 3, PL e. Here are few of the examples: fail-safe PLC, standard PLC, an intelligent evaluation unit (ifm system solutions), AS-i gateway, protocol converter, data logger, visualization system.

So here what you recieve at an unconquerable price: forceful processors, two integrated PLCs (1 x fail-safe, 1 x standard), big memory and many supported protocols allow you to manage complex systems.

With new SmartPLC two separate PLCs are cooperating in one compact housing. The first PLC is solveing safety-related questions while his colleague PLC works in a standard way or solving the other tasks.

You can programm the PLC with CODESYS V3, bacause it's software and hardware operates independently of the fail-safe PLC, but of course it has access to all interfaces of the systems and can exchange data.

Certified to SIL3, PL e. Eight safe local inputs and four safe local outputs. Convenient diagnostic functions, for example, status indication for safe I / O and error memory with time stamp for up to 2000 messages. Programming is carried out through CODESYS V3. Simplified replacement of slave devices using the automatic learning function.

SmartPLC can be used directly as a gateway for AS-i on one side and Profinet or EtherNet / IP on the other AS-i gateway without programming. All needed status information and supports diagnostics in the event of a malfunction will be shown on user-friendly web interface displays.

The built-in real-time clock provides a timestamp for each recorded data block if needed. The operating system data can be saved via AS-i, EtherCAT, Modbus TCP, Profinet, EtherNet / IP, TCP / IP, UDP / IP and reserved on an SD card or internal flash memory.

Maximum clarity is provided by freely programmable web visualization based on HTML5. You do not need additional software with HTML5 supported internet browser. You can also freely programm the full graphic SmartPLC's display for visualization tasks. 

Your installation suitable for Industry 4.0 due to the new applications for the ifm system solution: process data of different sensors is transferred to common fieldbus systems where their parameters are easily accessible, you do not need using software to download apdated applications.

Your sensors and Ethernet devices can be be connected variously to your fieldbus: SmartPLC can be used as a protocol converter between Profinet, EtherNet / IP on one side and AS-i, EtherCAT, Modbus TCP, TCP / IP, UDP / IP and IO-Link on the other side. All of the benefits, you can evaluate using AC422S and  AC402S models from IFM Electronic.

Eltra-trade offers extensive stocks of IFM Electronic Safety at Work devices, so that our customers benefit from a trustworthy service we provide in Europe & the rest of the World.