Schneider Electric: perfect control of the pumps with Altivar Process 630.


Line of AC low Voltage drives Altivar 630 with enhanced functionality is best suited for application on such industries as water, oil and gas industry, metallurgy and food industry with 3-phases synchronous and asynchronous motors.

They have different types of voltage and different classes of defense. The main are:
- 200…240 V, 7,5 - 22 kW, IP21, installation type - wall mounting. Can be installed without shell.
- 380…440 V, 110 - 315 kW, IP21 and IP54, installation type – floor standing has small dimensions and can use in adverse conditions.
- 380…480 V, 7,5 - 90 kW, IP21 and IP55, installation type - wall mounting.

ATV630 frequency converters have a lot of inbuilt functions. For example, built-in protocols (Modbus RTU and Ethernet, Modbus TCP) and optional protocols (DeviceNet, Profibus & ProfiNet, Ethernet IP/Modbus TCP, CANopen).

The Altivar Process drives can be adapted to any installation conditions. When designing of drives were taken into account the requirements of the standards on electromagnetic compatibility, that simplifies the process of setting and connecting of equipment substantially, and also saves funds due to the marking, ensuring compliance with regulatory documents.

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