Siemens drive fault codes


Frequency converters do more than just control the speed of AC motors. Modern equipment also performs the functions of a PI and PID controller, provides communication with centralized and local automation systems and protects against abnormal operating modes.siemens drive fault codes

Almost all converters automatically log faults:

  1. Save data about failures and malfunctions in the built-in or external memory.
  2. Send data to external devices.
  3. Display messages on the operator panel or display.

This helps to identify the cause of a breakdown or failure and greatly facilitates the diagnosis of equipment. Analysis of errors or warning codes is the first step in determining the causes of a breakdown or failure. Correct decoding helps to understand and eliminate the malfunction or failure of the frequency converter and all elements of the electric drive. Today we will consider what frequency converters are manufactured by Siemens and what error codes occur when this equipment fails.

Siemens Drives

The Siemens frequency converter is designed to control the speed of motors that drive various technological installations in production, construction, household, and transport.

The variety of proposed solutions for frequency converters for asynchronous electric motors creates opportunities for solving any problems of the electric drive. Digitalization of technical solutions makes it possible to control the speed and torque of the actuator with high accuracy and efficiency. This ensures efficiency and productivity along with ease of commissioning and maintenance. There are both monoblock designs that allow the most compact placement, and modular devices with wide functionality. Modular elements allow, depending on the required parameters, to create various combinations of power and control elements, and select various communication interfaces for use - PROFIBUS-DP, PROFINET, CANopen and connect external devices.

In the range of branded products, you can find a siemens frequency converter for any field of operation. For example, one of the most widespread and demanded model lines is sinamics G110. It serves to control the speed of three-phase motors with a power of 120 W - 3.0 kW in single-phase networks. micromaster 420 regulates the speed of standard drives and generally helps to automate the technical process. There is an exclusive siemens pump and fan series - these are micromaster 430 frequency converters. The largest control range is for the micromaster 440 series.

Benefits of using Siemens frequency converters:

  • A wide range of covered powers makes Siemens frequency converters indispensable assistants when working with electric motors.
  • The extensive parameter catalog allows the drive system to be configured for a wide range of applications.
  • High specific power, reduced dimensions.
  • A high degree of unification and interchangeability of converter modules.
  • Application of software tools for quick commissioning and maintenance.
  • Compatible with any level of process equipment automation.
  • Data backup capability for fast cloning of drive systems.
  • Built-in interfaces for USS/Modbus communication – PROFIBUS-DP, PROFINET, CANopen.
  • Energy-efficient control with automatic U/f ECO flow reduction.
  • Possibility to use the basic or intelligent (advanced) type of operator panel.

What Is a Siemens Drive Fault Code?

The Sinamics Frequency Converter, like its other counterparts, is equipped with an information panel designed to make communication between the operator and the converter as easy and comfortable as possible. When commissioning equipment using this panel, the device is programmed and configured, and in case of an unforeseen situation, Siemens fault codes are displayed on the frequency converter panel, which caused an emergency stop of the equipment. You can find all possible sinamics errors in the user manual (manual) in PDF format, which can be downloaded from our website. Eliminating the cause of the error and resetting it on the converter will allow you to resume operation as soon as possible. Unfortunately, not all errors can be corrected by yourself, some sinamics errors can only be corrected in specialized service centers.sinamics s120 fault code list

Examples of Siemens Drive Fault Codes

In the event of malfunctions, or abnormal operating modes, an error message is displayed on the screen. The code consists of the letter “F” (error) and the fault number. The error is displayed until a certain key is pressed, confirming the receipt of the message by the operator (acknowledgment). After that, other errors and warning messages are displayed sequentially in order of priority, or the specified screen state is restored.

When the operating parameters deviate, which can lead to engine shutdown, equipment breakdowns, or process disturbance, a warning is displayed, consisting of an “A” code and a number. Warnings are not acknowledged and remain displayed until the cause has been eliminated.

Siemens drive fault codes list

Next, we will look at the existing Siemens drive fault codes below are Sinamics s120 fault code list

  • F06010 - Error in the power supply.
  • F06300 - The mains voltage is too high.
  • F07410 - Error in actual current measurement.
  • F07412 - Motor shaft movement is not expected.
  • F07413 - Motor shaft motion is more than 45 degrees different than expected.
  • F07452 - Difference between setpoint and actual value of motor shaft position.
  • F07453 - Error processing actual position value.
  • F07490 - The drive is in the "on inhibiting" state.
  • F07900 - The motor has been running at the torque limit longer than specified in p2177 and below the speed threshold set in p2175.
  • F07901 - The maximum allowable motor speed has been exceeded.
  • F07902 - The error code means that the engine has stopped.
  • F30002 - DC link voltage exceeded.
  • F30003 - DC link voltage too low.
  • F30004 - The temperature of the power supply heat sink has exceeded the allowable value.
  • F30021 - A ground fault has occurred.
  • A30031 - Hardware current limit. The phase "U". The hardware current limit for this phase has been reached.
  • A30032 - Hardware current limit. Phase "V". The hardware current limit for this phase has been reached.
  • A30033 - Hardware current limit. Phase "W". The hardware current limit for this phase has been reached.
  • F30035 - Overheating. The air temperature at the inlet to the power supply has exceeded the allowable limit.
  • F30040 - 24 V power supply failure. The 16 Volt threshold has fallen below more than 3 ms.
  • F30045 - Low supply voltage.
  • F30885 - No communication with one of the system's Drive-Cliq Power Modules, although it is configured.
  • F31115 - Signal amplitude error A or B.
  • F31116 - A + B signal monitoring amplitude error.
  • F31120 - Encoder supply voltage failure.
  • A31400 - The measured number of pulses between zero marks does not correspond to the correct value.
  • A31411 Encoder EnDat warning. Error bits are set in the received packet from the EnDat encoder. The encoder is defective.
  • F31885 - DRIVE-CLiQ communication error between the control module and the involved encoder.

If a fault occurs, the display of the Siemens micromaster 440 inverter will show an error code, below are all Siemens micromaster 440 manual fault codes:siemens micromaster 440 manual fault codes

  • F0001 - Overcurrent.
  • F0002 - Overvoltage.
  • F0003 - Undervoltage.
  • F0004 - Converter overheating.
  • F0005 - Excess I2t.
  • F0011 - Engine overheating by I2t.
  • F0041 - Error when measuring stator resistance.
  • F0051 - Parameter error in EEPROM.
  • F0052 - Stack error
  • F0060 - No response from the dedicated ASIC board.
  • F0070 - Error setting via a communication board.
  • F0071 - No data on the subsequent protocol (RS232) during the timeout.
  • F0072 - No data on the subsequent protocol (RS485) during the timeout.
  • F0080 - No input signal at the analog input.
  • F0085 - External failure.
  • F0101 - Stack overflow.
  • F0221 - PI controller feedback below the minimum value.
  • F0222 - PI controller feedback above the maximum value.
  • F0450 - Error during BIST - testing.
  • A0501 - Load current limitation.
  • A0502 - The upper limit of the supply voltage has been reached.
  • A0503 - The lower limit of the supply voltage has been reached.
  • A0504 - Converter overheating.
  • A0505 - Exceeding I2t.
  • A0506 - Converter load cycle.
  • A0511 - Engine overheating by I2t.
  • A0600 - Real-time operating system overload.
  • A0700 - CB warning.
  • A0701 - CB warning 2.
  • A0702 - CB warning 3.
  • A0703 - CB warning 4.
  • A0704 - CB warning 5.
  • A0705 - CB warning 6.
  • A0706 - CB warning 7.
  • A0707 - CB warning 8.
  • A0708 - CB warning 9.
  • A0709 - CB warning 10.
  • A0710 - CB communication error.
  • A0711 - CB configuration error.
  • A0910 - Vdc-max controller deactivated.
  • A0911 - Vdc-max regulator active.
  • A0920 - Analog input parameter set incorrectly.
  • A0921 - Analog output parameter set incorrectly.
  • A0922 - No load connected to the drive.
  • A0923 - Jog to the right and Jog to the left (JOG) signals are active.

If you have any question about working of Siemens Drives or if you want to buy it you can contact our technical specialists to get needed information.