Siemens electric motors: guarantee of continuous and trouble-free automation processes


An electric motor is a device in which the energy of an electrical type is converted into mechanical energy.  All electric motors are based on the principle of electromagnetic induction

The Siemens electric motor is one of the most popular and demanded devices used in industrial production.

Siemens electric motor benefits

  • Reliable and sustainable materials.

  • Ease of operation and maintenance.

  • Modern cooling system.

  • Production in accordance with all international standards.

  • Minimal audibility during operation.

  • Reliable insulation.

  • Resistance to high overloads.

  • Ergonomic and compact design.

  • High efficiency.

  • Easy to operate.

Siemens electric motors catalog

The main types of Siemens motors:

Siemens 1 LA. These motors are made of aluminum or cast iron body. There is a cooling system and fan. 1LA is an excellent solution in the field of industrial automation.

Siemens 1 LG. These asynchronous motors have cast iron body and perfect cooling system. The difference of this series from the previous one consists in extended power range and body materiel.

Siemens 1 LL. An excellent cooling system makes this series very popular. They have cast-iron body and a ventilation system. Such a series requires periodic technical inspection.

Siemens 1 LP. Does not have a fan due to the self-cooling function. Very reliable device with slightly enlarged dimensions.

Siemens 1 PP. Can be produced both in cast iron and aluminum casings. The cooling system operates with an external fan that has a separate power supply.

Siemens 1 PQ. The cooling occurs due to the external fan. The average size and cast iron body.

Siemens 1 LE. They have copper parts. The energy-saving system works very well, the cooling system does not have a fan.

Siemens 1 PC. Good energy-saving motors. High power range. Self-cooling system without fan.

Groups of Siemens motors

Siemens engines are divided into such groups. 

Depending on the efficiency of energy saving:

  • Standard.

  • With a high energy-saving ratio (EFF1; EFF2).

  • Small size and high power.

Depending on the cooling system:

  • With a fan that is located on the shaft.

  • With external fan.

  • Without fan.

When choosing a Siemens motor, you must always pay attention to the following parameters:

  • The voltage required to operate the device.

  • Power.

  • Velocity value.

  • Operating mode.

  • Mounting types.

Siemens motors can be single-speed, two-speed and three-speed.

If any engine failure occurs, it can be turned off using a repair switch. Note that the electric motor is connected directly to the repair switch.

Each device must comply with the parameters specified in the passport. With the help of temperature sensors, thermal protection of the motors takes place.

They are installed in the middle of the winding. There is a thermosensor which protect device from overheating and overload. There can be also an auxiliary thermal protection.

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