Siemens Sinamics V : simple efficiency and minimum price in one design


Sinamics V - is a series of universal, cost-effective common industrial frequency converter by Siemens.

  1. Why does it cheaper?
  2. Sinamics v20
  3. Sinamics V60
  4. Sinamics V90

Siemens Sinamics V. Why does it cheaper?

The presented series is designed to perform the most basic purpose of frequency drives.

In such series, the company tried to minimize the waste on unnecessary functionality. It significantly reduced the final cost of inverter for customers.

Such equipment is designed specifically for standard tasks so it is not desirable to apply it in conditions with complicated actions that require special functions from drive technologies.

Siemens produces three sinamics v series:

  1. Basic Inverter SINAMICS V20
  2. Basic Servo Drive SINAMICS V60
  3. Basic Servo Drive SINAMICS V90

Despite the reduced functionality, the hardware and quality were not affected and remains at the same level as all company products.

The frequency converter performs all tasks by itself and does not require installation of additional equipment.

Let’s consider all series in detail.

Sinamics v20

Monoblock sinamics v20 is capable of perfectly performing general purpose, for example, automating simple motion processes.

Thanks to simple functionality, device is quite easy to use. It can be put into operation also very quickly.

The frequency converter in this category has a very compact size. Due to its small construction, it can be used both for industrial and domestic purposes.

Drives sinamics v20 can use with:

  • pumps;
  • fans;
  • compressors;
  • conveyors;
  • refrigerated counters;
  • exercise machines;
  • ventilation systems, etc.

Despite its small size, the presented inverter is very durable. At the beginning of 2019, the company produces 7 frame size of this model. Their operating power ranges from 0.12 to 30kW.

Since series is created for cost savings, the operation of such device, also have maximum cost-efficiency. This feature applies to both commissioning and work process. Equipment also displays all necessary indicators of energy consumption in a work cycle.

FSAC is the newest frame size of sinamics v20, produced by concern. This model can work with AC from 200 to 240 V. Device power ranges from 1.1 to 1.5 kW.

New released modification replaces the previous FSB frame size since it operates in the same voltage ranges.

Sinamics V60

This version of inverter is designed to work with servos. Model, v60 is also made with simple design and can significantly increase cost-efficiency of the process.

Thanks to the “impulse / direction” function, drive perfectly performs standard positioning processes and at the same time allows not to waste extra energy.

Sinamics v60 converter the most efficiently realizes its potential in pair with 1FL5 servomotor. Both devices fit each other and together form a complete drive system.

Quality of the work can also be upgraded by connecting additional equipment. The following components can be use with sinamics v60 to improve quality and performance:

  • CNC system SINUMERIK 808D Turning PPU 141.1
  • CNC system SINUMERIK 808D Milling PPU 141.1 horizontal
  • TTL encoder (when working with 1FL5)
  • Brake in feed motor (when working with 1FL5)

The most often this frequency inverter is used to control feed axes of industrial machines.

Sinamics V90

This model, like the previous one, is also designed to work with electric servomotors. This is a relatively new inverter of the sinamics v family.

Siemens SINAMICS V90 frequency inverter together with the SIMOTICS S-1FL6 motor form the most efficient servo drive system.

For even greater efficiency, manufacturer provides additional equipment that can significantly improve the result:

  • Cable system MOTION-CONNECT 300
  • Basic controller SIMATIC S7-1200
  • Advanced controller SIMATIC S7-1500 T-CPU

However, installation of the presented elements is not necessary. Converter can be quickly mounted to other systems that based on the SINEMATIC PLC.

Siemens offers 8 different frame sizes of the V90 frequency inverter with power from 0.05 kW to 7.0 kW. Integration via PTI, PROFINET, USS, Modbus RTU is available.

The most often, such devices are used to work in servo systems at mechanical engineering and other industrial automated systems.

Simple commissioning is achieved using the special SINAMICS V-ASSISTANT program.

Summarizing, it can be say that the sinamics V line is an excellent solution when cost-efficiency is needed to perform a basic drive tasks. On our website, you can find the most popular models of frequency converters manufactured by Siemens.

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