Siemens Sitrans flowmeters: the best solution for flow measurement


A flowmeter is a device that measures volumetric or mass flow per unit of time.

There are several types of flowmeters, depending on the principle and method of measurement. The main criteria for the difference are the properties of the medium to be measured, operating range, dimensions, temperature and accuracy of the measurement.

About the company-manufacturer.

Siemens belongs to one of the most respected concern in the area of automation, electronics and instrument making. The focus of the corporation is the production of high-tech equipment for improving automation processes.

Siemens AG was faced with the task of creating reliable wear-resistant equipment, which will be measured with high accuracy and it would be easy to maintain and adapt well to operating conditions. Thus, there was a line of Siemens Sitrans flowmeters, which can be used to measure any gases and liquids in any conditions.

Siemens Sitrans flowmeters can be of the following types:

Ultrasonic flowmeters (Sitrans FUS Sonoflo and Sitrans FUS Clamp-on) are suitable for pressure pipelines. When you install them, you do not need to embed (attachment type), and no contact with the environment occurs. In addition, the advantage of this type is to get rid of the energy losses that can occur due to pressure drop and under the influence of the flow. Siemens FUS is perfect for water metering and water purification systems, in the oil and gas industry.

The vortex flowmeter (Sitrans FX) derives its name from the vortex measurement principle. It is to be used for measurement the mass and volume of the gas, vapor and liquid (including conductive) flow with possible temperature fluctuations and pressure changes. There is a two-wire connection system, as well as built-in computers with temperature and pressure. It is perfect for chemical, oil and gas industry, pharmaceutical preparations.

Electromagnetic flowmeter (Sitrans FM Magflo and Sitrans FM Transmag) allows to measure volumetric flow of electroconductive fluids. This is attractive for accuracy and stability of operation, as well as for good price / quality ratio. It can be used for clean and waste water, food and chemical fluids. It can measure the flow of liquids leaving a deposit on the electrodes.

Coriolis flowmeter (Sitrans FC Massflo) allows to measure not only the mass and volume flow of liquids and gas, but also to determine the density and find the value on a Brix scale. The main advantages of this type are high accuracy and the ability to control dosing systems. It is used in the food, oil refining and chemical industries, as well as in pharmaceutical preparations.

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