Siemens SITRANS: the best for flow measuring of liquids, gases or steam.


Siemens is known all over the world for its high-quality equipment, because the company strives to offer consumers high-tech innovations at an affordable price. That is why high-precision flowmeters of centralized cooling and heat supply, air conditioning, ventilation and heating of this producer are in great demand on the market.

Siemens flowmeters is characterized by a wide range. The models presented by the company primarily differ in the principle of their work, because the company's developers took into account the technological features of industrial enterprises and industries that work with various gases, liquids and mixed media. Thanks to such approach, absolutely all this equipment is characterized by high accuracy, reliability, excellent performance characteristics, as well as safety and ease of maintenance.

Technological features of Siemens Flowmeters

The main advantage of these measuring instruments is the signal processing technology, or more precisely three possible types:

  • wide-beam measurement;
  • measuring the time passage of the signal;
  • Doppler effect.

Thanks to the use of these innovative technologies, absolutely all models of the flowmeters are able to provide reliable and highly accurate signal detection for a huge range of processes. Special attention should be paid to the fact that ultrasonic pulses are transmitted directly to the converter, so that the transmitted signal does not lose its power and provides maximum accuracy of measurements.

Siemens Flowmeters benefits

All devices of this line are characterized by faultless operational characteristics, including their use at heat distribution points, power stations or transmission line networks.
Of course, all models have their own operational features, many of them are intended for use in a certain area, but all of them are able to please you with the following possibilities:

  • power supply from both the network and the battery;
  • easy to operate display;
  • intuitive interface with optical communication standard IrDA;
  • diagnostic function for general management;
  • availability of remote and compact versions;
  • the ability to connect to any counter;
  • ensuring full data protection when transferring the product to the consumer;
  • availability of additional digital communication.

But this is not all, because thanks to the use of innovative technologies, it is possible to combine temperature sensors with the help of a meter and create a reliable, and most importantly economical, system for calculating electricity.

Siemens Flowmeters Types

The range of Siemens flow sensors is represented by the following types:

Sitrans FX Vortex flowmeter. It is designed for metering gases, steams and liquids with the aid of a vortex type measuring.

Sitrans FUS ultrasonic flowmeter. Includes both inline (SONOFLO) and overhead models (Clamp-on). The principle of operation of these sensors is based on the measurement of ultrasonic pulses before and after flow. Ideal for pressure pipelines.

Sitrans FM Electromagnetic flowmeter. Includes the Magflo and Transmag series. Excellent for use with electrically conductive liquids. The operation of the device is based on the principle of Faraday's electromagnetic induction.

Sitrans FC Massflo Coriolis sensor. A high-precision flowmeter that measures volumetric flow, as well as the density of liquids.

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