What is Lenze smd frequency converter advantages?


Lenze esmd are robust scalar-controlled drives that are used to work with different industrial installations.


  1. Frequency converter lenze scalar control functions
  2. Lenze esmd selection manual
  3. ESMD advantages and additional equipment

Frequency converter lenze scalar control functions

One of the main device tasks is to adjust synchronous and asynchronous motor speed. This is achieved by changing frequency parameters at inverter outputs.

Presented series is controlled by scalar method. The basic operation principle of such drives type is to change amplitude and frequency of supply voltage.

That is, all operations are based on the ratio U / f = const, where U - is the rated voltage of the motor, and f - is its rated frequency.

Due to the simplicity, frequency converter from Lenze is widely used in following industries:

  • metallurgy;
  • textile
  • building
  • food production
  • heating system, etc.

As we can see, operation area of such sensors is very wide and varied. This factor contributes to the high spread of such inverters type.

Lenze esmd selection manual

Lenze frequency converters esmd range has many modifications. The main characteristics of model can be found directly from its order code.

Consider decoding of the characteristics on example of model E SMD 152 X2 SFA 8.

1. E - In this case, “E”, indicates that device belongs to category of electronic products.

2. SMD letters note the type of the device, that is, converter with scalar control (U / f = const).

3. 152- indicating device power. In the above example we have 152, where first two figures mean the power value (15 W). Third one (2) means that this value should be multiplied by 102. Hence, in this case, device power will be 15 * 102 = 1500W, that is, 1.5kW.

4. X - This parameter indicates the type of communication (Modbus for example). In presented code, the letter X indicates that there are no such communications.

5. 2 - is an indication of the supply voltage. There are only two meanings: 2 (230 / 240V) and 4 (400 / 480V).

6. S-indicates the number of phases. Frequency convertors in this series can be single phase (S), three phase (T) and combined versions (Y).

7. F- Determines the presence or absence of internal filter. The letter F means that the model has this element, and X - indicates its absence in design.

8. A- indicates device protection class. In this case, the letter A indicates that the inverter has IP20.

In addition to the data noted in the code, the label will also record the input, output current parameters, as well as the hardware version and the available firmware.

ESMD advantages and additional equipment

One of main features of lenze smd series is an additional built-in function of the PI controller. This feature allows using converters in various systems with feedback.

The principle of such function consists in comparing preset parameters with current values. After comparative analysis, a special signal is formed, which helps to equalize planned parameters with existing ones.

Besides, to standard components, it is also recommended to combine drive with additional devices. The ESMD Inverter is able to work with the following devices:

  1. High-speed electronic fuses.
  2. Linear throttles.
  3. Temperature sensor.

The presence of such devices in system will significantly increase both the efficiency and safety of work.

In general, it can be said that Lenze esmd drives can be effective and simple solution for solving standard tasks in production.

On our website, you can find the most popular models of presented Lenze frequency inverter series.

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