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PM571-ETH:AC500,Prog.Logic Controller 64kB 24VDC,ETHERNET,2xRS232/485,FBP SD-Card Slot,LCD Display

Switch fuse

E6H/f 6300 PR121/P-LI In=6300A 4p W MP

E6H/f 6300 PR121/P-LI In=6300A 4p W MP

1SDA055688R0001 Emax E1B 16 PR121-LI R1600 4P W MP

E3N 3200 PR123/P-LSIG In=3200A 3p W MP

1SDA056512R0001 Emax E3H 32 PR121-LI R3200 3P W MP

1SDA058951R0001 Emax E2N/MS 16 3P F HR

EMAX E2N/E MS 2000 1000VDC 4P F HR

Sace 3P HR-HR Zub. F. Circuit breaker E3 lower part

T6N 1000 PR221DS-LS/I In=1000 3p F F

ABB T6N 1000 PR221DS-LS/I In=1000 4p F F Komp.Leist.-s. Tmax T6

E2.2N 2000 Ekip Touch LSIG 3p FHR

ABB E4.2N 4000 Ekip Touch LSI 3p WMP Off. Leist.-sch. Emax2

Softstarter PSTX105-600-70 for max 600V main voltage and 100 - 250V 50/60Hz control supply voltage.

Softstarter PSTX840-690-70 for max 690V main voltage and 100 - 250V 50/60Hz control supply voltage. Best price. Fast shipping. Availability in warehouses.

ACS1000_CAPACITOR, DC 2*750UF, 2660V, FILM





RG56N-VDK.7Q.1L KOMPL.; FAN 400 V / 60 HZ

ACS1000_CAPACITOR, DC 2*1300UF, 2660V, FILM

ABB Core Reactor

I-O Module

3-Phase squirrel cage motor. M3BP 112MB 4

Cast Iron Motor. Output power 15kW, enclosure protection IP55.

3-Phase squirrel cage motor

ABB low voltage Cast Iron Motor with high level of efficieny.  4 poles, output power 55 kW and input voltage 400-460 V.

ABB is a large and famous concern that produces a number of industrial and domestic equipment.

The presentation of ABB catalog you can find here: ABB overview pdf 

What does ABB stand for? History of Innovations

ABB (Asea Brown Boveri Ltd) was formed in 1988 after the merger of Swedish ASEA A.B. (founded in 1883) and Swiss BBC A.G. (founded in 1891). Both brands were closely associated with areas of electronics and electric motors.

These two companies were always pioneers in their fields. For example, ASEA A.B. (Almänna Svenska Elektriska Aktiebolaget) was the first company in the World that created artificial diamonds and the one that began to produce its own industrial robots. The Swiss BBC (Brown, Boveri & Cie) in turn produced the first steam turbine in Europe. The firms played a key role in electrification and industrialization of their countries.

A turning point for fate of this two companies was 1988, when they merged into ABB Group. Already in the first year of its existence, the association bought more than 40 other companies. The new concern continued a path of innovation inherited from its famous predecessors.

One of the most effective benefits of ABB Group is their ability to choose right development directions. The brand is actively developing the most promising areas as alternative energy, robotics, digitalization and automation. Due to successfully management decisions and staff hard work, after the 90s, ABB actions had the best corporate sustainability indicators on the New York Stock Exchange.

АBB company Today

The concern continues its growth in industrial market and is going to create the first plant with Hitachi Company in 2020. Today, the company already has offices in more than 100 countries.

ABB has its own enterprises in the following countries:

  • Sweden
  • Switzerland
  • Italy
  • France
  • Russia
  • Czech Republic
  • India
  • China
  • Brazil
  • USA

This list will be definitely expanding and growing. Presence of own factories on all continents allows the producer to quickly deliver goods to its customers. In addition, ABB distributors can deliver equipment almost anywhere.

ABB products

Currently, the company has focused on four main areas:

  • Electrification
  • Motion control
  • Robotics and Discrete Automation
  • Industrial automation systems

The main feature of this strategy is the autonomy of the branches from each other. All departments work independently. This approach significantly increases the number of innovative projects.

ABB Electrification is the full line of equipment that operates in electrical circuit from substation to final consumer. Company manufactures products for both domestic and industrial use. ABB makes ready-made solutions for all stages of electrical supply from distribution to control. The presented category includes relays, cables, circuit breakers, and dozens of other necessary parts of electrical systems. ABB’s electrical equipment plays a key role in power supply of many countries.

ABB industrial automation systems completely remove a human factor from entire manufacturing process. The manufacturer produces all necessary details by itself. Such approach simplifies the communication and connection of different elements in industrial systems. ABB produces control systems, measuring units, a wide range of programmable logic controllers (PLCs) and turbochargers for engines with power from 500 to 80 MW.

ABB Robotics and Discrete Automation is one of the most modern trends. The company makes both devices (controllers, accessories, parts, software) and ready-made systems (industrial robots, manipulators, etc.). More than 300,000 ABB’s robots are already operating worldwide.

ABB Motion category includes equipment that operates in any industrial system: drives, electric motors, and generators. The company produces a diverse series of frequency converters (low voltage, medium voltage, high voltage, AC and DC). The manufacturer also makes specialized solutions for some industries (for example, water supply and waste disposal, etc.)

Motors and generators are the key elements of any production; therefore, the reliability of such equipment is checked especially carefully. A wide range of different series is available to a buyer. It includes low voltage motors, high voltage, synchronous and asynchronous ones.

ABB Power Grids division provides the equipment with such important processes as the creation of electricity, its distribution and safety. For these purposes, the company produces various transformers, high-voltage systems, as well as special networks for reliable, accurate and safe distribution of electricity.

As you have seen, ABB is a huge giant in the industrial equipment market. Its resources and experience help it to create turnkey solutions for almost any present industry. Do you want to conduct electricity in a city, or to establish automation of the conveyor? Rest assured, ABB will definitely have the equipment for this purpose.

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