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PM571-ETH:AC500,Prog.Logic Controller 64kB 24VDC,ETHERNET,2xRS232/485,FBP SD-Card Slot,LCD Display

  • AL9-30-01 voltage - 24 V DC Contactor Block
  • CA5-10 Controller Contact Block (aux.)

MCU2A02V2-4 2-63A with VU

  • Data T1N 160 TMD160-1600 3 Pole F FC Cu (1+u70mm2)
  • SOR Data T1-T2-T3 standards 24...30Va.c./d.c.
  • RHE Data T1-T2-T3 standards STAND. RETURNED
  • RS components:ize C221/1 FOR Data T1 3 Pole F
  • T2H 100 MCP-UL/CSA Iu=100-1200 3 Pole F F
  • RS components:ize C212/1 Hor 0,05-5KHZ SPEC.VERS components:. x Data T1

E6H/f 6300 PR121/P-LI In=6300A 4p W MP

1SDA055688R0001 Emax E1B 16 PR121-LI R1600 4P W MP

E3N 3200 PR123/P-LSIG In=3200A 3p W MP

1SDA056512R0001 Emax E3H 32 PR121-LI R3200 3P W MP

1SDA058951R0001 Emax E2N/MS 16 3P F HR

EMAX E2N/E MS 2000 1000VDC 4P F HR

Sace 3P HR-HR Zub. F. Circuit breaker E3 lower part

TypeInstallation accessories

ABB circuit breaker 1SDA060226R1 solid-state with front terminals.

T6N 1000 PR221DS-LS/I In=1000 3p F F

ABB T6N 1000 PR221DS-LS/I In=1000 4p F F Komp.Leist.-s. Tmax T6

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