ABB ACS880 Low Voltage Single Drives

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Output Current21 A
Nominal Output Power11 kW
TypeFrequency Converter
Output Current27 A
Nominal Output Power15 kW
TypeFrequency Converter
Weight0.03 kg

Frequency Converter ACS880 series, single drive, IP21; 3 phase, 11 kW.

The ABB ACS880-01-02A1-5 Frequency Converter 2.1 A, 0.75 kW, 380 … 500 V

Nominal Output Power1.1 kW
TypeFrequency Converter
Output Current3.4 A
Nominal Output Power1.5 kW
TypeFrequency Converter
Output Current4.8 A
Nominal Output Power2.2 kW
TypeFrequency Converter
Output Current180 A
Nominal Output Power110 kW
TypeFrequency Converter
Output Current206 A
Nominal Output Power110 kW
TypeFrequency Converter

Frequency converter

Output Current430 A
Nominal Output Power250 kW
TypeFrequency Converter
Output Current174 A
Nominal Output Power160 kW
TypeFrequency Converter

Operational characteristics: Nominal Output Power 200 kW, Output Current 363 A, Voltage 400 V, Protection IP22, Weight 1 kg. 

Inverter Module

Inverter module

TypeFrequency Converter
Weight0.1 kg
Weight0.33 kg
Weight0.07 kg



The ACS880 range of low-voltage industrial single drives is from ABB. It is a leading Swiss manufacturer known for its power and automation products. Those products are used in various sectors in all parts of the world.

ABB ACS880 Drive. Benefits.

ABB’s industrial drives are designed to improve your industrial processes. They will also enhance performance in various ways, including:

  • Improving productivity
  • Reducing energy use
  • Minimizing maintenance costs

They are standalone and can be customized according to your requirements. They are also robust to ensure they can handle harsh conditions. You can expect excellent reliability, too.

The variations include:

  • Cabinet-built options
  • Wall-mounted options
  • Drive modules
  • Liquid-cooled designs to protect control electronics in harsh environments
  • Low harmonic options to protect sensitive equipment.

Why choose ABB single drives?

  • Fully customizable
  • Various power options for all applications
  • Products for almost any process, system, or requirement
  • Wall-mounted and cabinet options
  • Precise torque and speed control
  • Easy to use control panel with a comprehensive ABB-written ACS880 user manual for every model, USB ports for easy programming, and clear fault codes for software and error checking
  • Easy to service
  • Integrates with all main automation platforms
  • Fast commissioning as many essential features come as standard, reducing the engineering time required
  • Virtual commissioning is possible, too, with tools that allow you to configure and program the drives before they arrive at your facility
  • Energy efficiency monitoring tools
  • Safety features built-in

ABB 880 Potential applications

  • Conveyors
  • Centrifuges
  • Compressors
  • Mixers
  • Test benches
  • Fans
  • Pumps
  • Extruders
  • Cranes
  • Winders
  • Winches
  • Marine applications
  • And more

ACS880 catalog


These wall-mounted drives come with a power range of 0.55 to 250 kW. They are easy to use, configure, install, and commission, and they are adaptable to most applications. Like other products in the ACS880 family, they also offer high levels of compatibility.


A cabinet-built option with power capabilities of between 45 kW and 2,800 kW. It has been designed to make installation as quick and straightforward as possible, plus it is compact to take up minimal space. These features make it suitable for various applications.


This variation of the 07 category of low voltage industrial drives from ABB is liquid-cooled, so it can be installed anywhere, whatever the environmental conditions. Also, as it is liquid-cooled, there is no need to change air filters. The power range is 250 to 6,000 kW.


This option is another variation of the 07 category of single drives, again with power capabilities of between 250 to 6,000 kW. With this option, you get completely enclosed drive cabinets, making this product suitable for offshore and marine applications. It also has marine-level certifications.


This is a regenerative drive that uses the motor's braking energy, with that energy returned to the drive to make it available for other equipment to use. No other equipment or hardware is needed as this is an all-in-one unit. The power range is 3 to 110 kW.


This product is another regenerative drive that reduces energy use and costs by utilizing the braking energy of the motor instead of it being wasted. It is cabinet-built and has a power range from 45 kW to 3,200 kW.


This option is suitable if you are looking for single drives that are compact, quiet, and capable of operating in harsh conditions. It is also a regenerative drive, but it is air-cooled, plus the cabinets are completely enclosed. The power range is 250 to 6,000 kW.


This is a wall-mounted unit with ultra-low harmonic features. Therefore, it is suitable for most low harmonic applications. All the harmonic mitigation technology is built-in as standard. As a result, there is no need for additional equipment. The power range is 3 to 110 kW.


This is another option in the ultra-low harmonic range, although this one is cabinet built, so it has a range of power capabilities of between 45 kW and 3,200 kW. It is also compact and doesn't require additional features as the low harmonic features are built-in.


This is another cabinet-built industrial drive with ultra-low harmonic features and capabilities. This one is liquid-cooled, however, so it is the ideal choice if you need it to operate in challenging conditions. It is also compact and has a power range of 250 to 6,000 kW.

ACS880 single drives in stock

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