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ABB DCS800-S01-0610-04 is single power converter module that is the most suitable for industrial applications and easy installation.

DCS800 is a series of high-tech digital direct current single drives which is intended for controlling DC motors with rated current of the armature winding up to 5200A, charging batteries, excitations of generators, electrolysis, and also supply of all kinds of inductive loads. These series is perfect for non-motor applications.

ABB DCS800 drives possess excellent operating descriptions and high reliability and are the most ideal choice for customers which need a powerful drive for tough industrial applications.

The voltage can be in the range from 230 to 1200 V and output currents from 20 to 5200 A.

Drives can control the excitation current of DC motor (from 0,3 to 520A) for the sizes of D1-D5. For power supply of excitation windings of motors can be used different excitation blocks such as two and three phase with currents 6 … 520 A. The blocks excitation with a current of 25 A is integrated with the transducer armature in a single frame.

DCS800 drives are available in two versions: for the reversing and non-reversing motor control.

For modification of the specialized drive that can meet the requirements of the particular application it can be used the interface modules for various communication protocols and extra I/O boards with galvanic isolation. The possibility of programming with use of function blocks gives flexibility and comfort in the construction of intellectual drive without the use of additional programmable logic controller.

The drive tuning carries out by a control panel that is set on a drive or by DriveWindowLite software.

Due to possibility of drive components choice it can be adapted to almost any manufacturing process. And a set of additional devices allows giving a user the system that satisfies the highest technical and operating requirements as well as the requirements of many safety standards.

Benefits of DCS800:
- three phase field exciter (inbuilt);
- integrated Modbus with all spectrum of communication options;
- standard of IEC 61131;
- 12-pulse installations;
- function of shared motion control, field reversal and double motor operation.