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ABB DCS800-S02-0520-05, DC Drive

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ABB DCS800-S01-0610-04 is single power converter module that is the most suitable for industrial applications and easy installation.

ABB DCS is a drive series designed to work with direct currents in electric motors, as well as in non-motor automation systems.

ABB DCS800 types

ABB DCS converters are available in 7 frame sizes. Presented inverters have IP00 protection level, so they should be installed only in industrial cabinets.

Let's consider the main specifications in detail.

  1. ABB DCS D1 can operate with a rated current from 20 to 125A (for a 2-Q drive and up to 140A (for a 4-Q drive). The inverter is able to work with voltage up to 140V. Its housing has the following dimensions: 310x270x200 mm.
  2. ABB DCS D2 can be operated with rated current 180-260A and supply voltage up to 260V. Its weight is 16kg and dimensions 310x270x270 mm.
  3. ABB DCS D3 operates in the range of 315-520A and 600V. The body dimensions are 400x270x310 mm. Inverter weight is 25kg.
  4. ABB DCS D4 is a frequency converter that operates with a rated current up to 520A and voltages up to 600V. Such device has dimensions 580x270x345 and weight 38 kg.
  5. ABB DCS D5 inverter is created for operation with currents in range from 900 to 2000A. These drives can operate with supply voltages up to 690V. They have 110kg of weight and dimensions 1050x510x410mm.
  6. ABB DCS D6 is a powerful converter for working with currents up to 3000A and with voltage up to 800V. The product weight is 180 kg with dimensions 1750x460x410.
  7. ABB DCS D7 This framesize has the highest power range in the series. It can work with rated current up to 5200A and supply voltage up to 990V. It is also possible to increase this parameter up to 1200V. Such frequency converter weighs 315 kg and has dimensions 1750x760x570mm.

To simplify the selection of the most suitable size, ABB Company has created special software, which is described below.

DC drives family

There are several types of DC drives series. ABB drives family for work with direct current also includes:

  • DCS550-S;
  • DCS800-A;
  • DCS800-S;
  • DCS800-E;
  • DCS800-R.

DCS550-S is a compact and robust modular drive designed to work with machinery applications. It can work with DC up to 1000A and voltage up to 1160V.

DCS800-A is enclosed converters for mounting in the industrial cabinet. Drives have IP21-IP54 enclosure protection level. Inverters of this type have 6- and 12-pulse systems with high power (up to 20000A and 1500V).

DCS800-S are general-purpose modular drives with simple controlling. They have compact dimensions and the possibility of wide programming. Such drives work with DC in the range from 20 to 5200A.

DCS800-E drives with the build-in necessary equipment, which are installed on a special panel. The modular design and the pre-installed devices ensure very fast commissioning. ABB company produces two versions of this series: Compact (for operation with DC up to 450A) and Vario (up to 2000A). It can fit in the Rittal cabinets.

DCS800-R is a complex of digital systems and rebuild kits for DCS series inverters. This series includes power stacks, contactors, cabinets, cables, etc.

ABB DCS application areas

Presented drives are used in many industries with a need of DC equipment. Abb dcs frequency converters are most popular in the following industrial sectors:

  • metalworking;
  • rolling machines;
  • paper industry;
  • materials processing;
  • printing;
  • mining industry;
  • chargers.

The list of areas where dc inverter is applied is quite large. In addition to the common use with motors, the device can be used for electrolysis, in charging equipment and with magnetic technology.

The flexibility of such different application is provided by wide customization of the inverter software.

ABB DCS inverter software

Throughout the work, the frequency converter has the ability to use additional software.

To simplify the choice of the most compatible size ABB created a special program DriveSize. It will help customer to choose the optimal drive size and specifications for individual cases. Results are available in both graphics and digital formats.

Startup Assistant will help to simplify and speed up the launch and the first setting of dc frequency converters. The program is available in many languages and provides links to ABB official manuals.

To configure the most used parameters for inverter created a huge number of macros. With their help, the user can set an optimal way to adjust the drive: by speed or torque. It also includes a timers, switches, pi-controllers, various filters, etc.

With using of provided software, the client can simply regulate:

  • armature current ;
  • speed ;
  • torque ;
  • field weakening ;
  • 12-pulse function ;
  • motor protection ;
  • mechanical brake.

A master-slave function is also available to work with several electric motors at the same time. Drive can monitor their work and record various parameters, such as speeding or overcurrent in the armature.

In the DCS converters, a Fieldbus interface is installed. ACS800 software packages can also be used for operation (using DDCS). Creating of new functions can be done using the ControlBuilder program, which is based on the CoDeSys.

Additional equipment for DCS frequency converters

Into ABB DCS inverters in addition to the standard parts, it is possible to install optional devices.

In the modular drives can be installed:

  1. Control Panel
  2. Fieldbus replaceable modules
  3. Optional I / O extension modules (L500 and L501)
  4. SDCS-COM-8 Communication Cards
  5. DCS-DSL serial communication board

It is also possible to additionally connect field converters (DCF803-0035, DCF803-0050, DCF804-0050). It is available the option to install additional fuses and line chokes.

On our site, you can find a wide catalog of ABB frequency drives.