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Solid shaft incremental encoder optical fo general application. Miniaturized series with M21 threaded flange.

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Incremental Linear Encoder Eltra ERF

150 mm stroke

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SIZE 19-01


Incremental miniaturized kit encoder.

  • Encoder size 30M
  • Without zero pulse
  • Resolution: 500 ppr


Incremental solid shaft encoder

  • Resolution: 500 ppr
  • Power suply: 8...24 DC V
  • Max rotation speed: 3000 rpm

Incremental encoder

  • Size: 80 mm
  • Without zero pulse
  • Resolution: 1024 ppr


Incremental hollow shaft encoder

  • Size: 80mm
  • Resolution: 1024ppr
  • Without zero pulse.


Incremental Encoder Eltra with through hollow shaft, 49 mm, 1024 ppr.

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Rotary potentiometer with fixing flange screw holes (diam. 30 mm). Resistive value 10k ohm/10turn.


Blind hollow shaft miniaturized incremental encoder for general application. With stator coupling. Encoder size 38 mm. Without zero pulse. Resolution: 100 ppr.


Incremental encoder

Incremental solid shaft encoder

  • Resolution: 600 ppr
  • Power suply: 5...28 DC V
  • Encoder size 40 mm


Solid shaft incremental encoder optical fo general application. Miniaturized series with M18 threaded flange.


Incremental solid shaft encoder


Incremental encoder


10000 ppr, with zero index, 5/28V, Push Pull

size 30, 500 ppr

Size: 38 mm

500 ppr

Absolute rotary multiturn encoder

Solid shaft singleturn absolute encoder with synchronous flange (diam. 50 mm).

Singleturn Absolute Optical Encoder

Single turn encoder

Solid shaft singleturn absolute encoder with clamping flange (diam. 36 mm).

Gray code encoder

Solid shaft singleturn absolute encoder with centering square flange (diam. 31,75 mm).

Eltra Encoder
Eltra S.P.A. is the world leading rotary encoder sensor manufacturer since 1985. Rotary encoders measure and track changes in current object position. These modern and inexpensive sensors are successfully used in a wide array of industrial automation projects.
The Rotary Encoder tracks linear and angular movements converting them into electronic signals.

There are three major types of Eltra rotary encoders:

  • Incremental encoders
  • Absolute encoders
  • Linear transducers.

Eltra also manufactures potentiometers, accessories and components for improvement and service of the encoder equipment.

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Eltra S.P.A.

For over 35 years Eltra SPA has been focusing on the rotary encoders development and production. Since 1985 the company has designed and released 5435 models of industrial automation sensors. With Italy- and Slovakia-based plants scoring 12000 units annually Eltra became the world leader in rotary encoder manufacturing. The company’ leading position is pillared by evergoing investment in R&D, advanced technology and skilled workforce. High degree of plant automation ensures the lowest production cost. Eltra ensures a strict quality gate for each device manufactured. As a result it managed to maintain the highest quality at lowest prices found on the market.

The company developed a global presence with the widest network of distributors and sales representatives. On every continent Eltra strives to satisfy customer needs with a broad variety of highly reliable and durable industrial automation rotary encoders. This allows Eltra to facilitate orders instantly with customers experiencing minimal downtime. Devices, parts and components are sourced quickly, promptly shipped to customers all around the globe.

Another major advantage the company gained in customized solutions. It has the ability to address and implement individual needs to customer specification.  

Eltra provides a complete range of encoder parts and accessories with regular and express delivery services.

Rotary Encoder

This is a sensor which tracks linear and angular object displacements and converts them into electronic signals. Eltra encoder allows to track and measure an object position in a limited space.

Based on the zero point setting method, incremental and absolute encoders could be distinguished.

Incremental encoders require a zero point manually set. Absolute encoders determine a zero position independently.

Depending on the way an object position is measured and corresponding data gathered there are optical and magnetic types of sensors. Optical sensors provide the position data through changes of the code wheel position catched by a photo receiver. Magnetic sensors output the position data through tracking changes in magnetic fields produced by sensor magnets.

Linear transducers measure and track changes in the object position along only one axis. Rotary encoders provide object position data in two-dimensional format.

Eltra encoders series

Eltra model series represent the company’s products grouped by technical specification and intended use criteria.

Incremental Rotary Encoders

Sensor series defined by the combination of shaft type and operation (optical or magnetic) method:

  • Optical solid shaft incremental encoders
  • Optical hollow shaft incremental encoders
  • Magnetic incremental encoders.

Most popular best-selling models: (eltra ef49p, eltra ef80c, eltra eh 40, eltra eh63, eltra eh80c, eltra eh 53, eltra eh30m, eltra eh58c, eltra eh80p, eltra eh88, eltra el120p, eltra el 72 a, eltra el58, eltra el63, eltra el72, eltra el90, eltra encoder eh80, eltra encoder el 115, eltra encoder el 40, eltra encoder el 58, encoder eltra el 50, encoder eltra el63a).

Absolute Rotary Encoders

Production series defined by independent position setting, way of encoding (singleturn, multiturn), operation (optical or magnetic) method:

  • Magnetic multiturn encoder
  • Magnetic singleturn encoder
  • Optical multiturn encoder
  • Optical singleturn encoder.

Most popular best-selling models: ( eltra ea63a, eltra ea63, eltra eam 63, eltra eam58, eltra eam 36, eltra ema22, eltra ema50, eltra eml 50, eltra eam36, eamw 58 eltra).

Linear Transducers

Production series defined by an one-axis position measurement ability:

  • Absolute magnetostrictive transducer
  • Absolute potentiometer encoder
  • Incremental linear encoder.

Most popular best-selling models: (eltra era 200S8, eltra erb 58b, fe1500).

Other Eltra products

The product group includes parts, devices and components highly demanded in industrial automation projects:

  • signal selectors
  • signal splitters
  • measuring wheels
  • rope encoders
  • rotary potentiometers.

Accessories Eltra

Parts and components for maintenance, modernization and improvement of previously manufactured Eltra equipment:

  • encoder couplings
  • rotary encoders spare parts
  • linear transducers for potentiometer or magnetostrictive sensors.


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