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SIZE 19-01


Incremental miniaturized kit encoder.

  • Encoder size 30M
  • Without zero pulse
  • Resolution: 500 ppr


Incremental solid shaft encoder

  • Resolution: 500 ppr
  • Power suply: 8...24 DC V
  • Max rotation speed: 3000 rpm


Incremental hollow shaft encoder

  • Size: 80mm
  • Resolution: 1024ppr
  • Without zero pulse.


Incremental Encoder Eltra with through hollow shaft, 49 mm, 1024 ppr.


Rotary potentiometer with fixing flange screw holes (diam. 30 mm). Resistive value 10k ohm/10turn.


Blind hollow shaft miniaturized incremental encoder for general application. With stator coupling. Encoder size 38 mm. Without zero pulse. Resolution: 100 ppr.


Solid shaft incremental encoder optical fo general application. Miniaturized series with M18 threaded flange.


63 mm encoder with solid shaft. Optical system


Solid shaft incremental optical encoder with centering square flange (31,75 mm). Standard series for industrial application.


10000 ppr, with zero index, 5/28V, Push Pull


Linear encoder

  • Incremental linear encoder
  • Working stroke: 350 mm
  • Resolution: 0,2 mm

Since 1985, the Italian company ELTRA spa has been operating in the market of sensors and linear converters, both at home and in foreign countries. Thanks to the expanded sales network and the establishment of new facilities (China, Slovakia and the USA), ELTRA is able to quickly meet the various needs of customers, maintain a high level of reliability and guarantee service after the sale of its equipment. Company makes the possibility of manufacturing non-standard products one of the main advantages.

All products of the company are tested in accordance with high quality standards ISO 9001:2000. ELTRA is also UL/CSA and ATEX certified.

Eltra products

1. Incremental encoders

  • Magnetic and linear. A magnetic encoder is a special sensor that, using an electromagnetic field, allows you to determine the placement of a part in space. Specifies relative movement considering only the difference between measurements. The electronics from the sensor sends pulses through the channels, and the offsets in those pulses indicate the direction and amount of movement/movement. The devices provide excellent feedback on speed, distance traveled.
  • With solid and through optical shaft.

2. Absolute encoders single-turn and multi-turn.
Single-turn (Single - Turn) encoders are called sensors (encoders) that give absolute values within one revolution, that is, within a revolution of 360 °.
An absolute multi-turn encoder is an encoder that counts the number of unique digital codes in more than one rotation of the disk using a special mechanical assembly and additional photodetectors.

3. Absolute encoders magnetic
This is a device that converts the angular movement of the shaft into a normalized analog signal. Structurally, the encoder consists of a measuring transducer protected by a housing and a shaft that transmits rotational motion.

4. Absolute linear encoders
This is a device designed to determine the change in the location of an object along one coordinate, as well as the distance to the object. The object may be in solid, liquid or granular form.

5. Linear potentiometers
Resistors with movable tap-off contact. With the development of the electronics industry, in addition to the "classical" potentiometers, digital potentiometers also appeared.

6. Sensor accessories, for linear potentiometers

7. Additional actuators.
A set of devices designed to drive machines and mechanisms (or parts thereof). It is what does the work of converting one type of energy into another and transfers this energy to the actuator.

7. Absolute transducers
Gives unambiguous information about its position on some scale or within some range. In other words, when the sensor is energized, it reports its position even without specifying a reference point.

8. Magnetic sensors
Allows you to capture and analyze magnetic fields, while having a simplified mechanism of operation. Its task is to register the amplification of the magnetic field, while the sensor does not respond to axial strength.

9. Linear and additional optical systems

Eltra Benefits

Among the advantages of Eltra products:

  • a high level of quality due to the use of the latest equipment in the production process, compliance with international standards and multi-stage production control;
  • huge range of products;
  • full support of the manufacturer;
  • a large volume of products produced annually;
  • durability, reliability, efficiency.

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