ABB ACS880-07-0990A-5+A004 3AUA0000142692

ACS880-07 single drives
ABB ACS880-07-0990A-5+A004 3AUA0000142692
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Produced inFinland
TypeFrequency Converter
Сustoms Tariff Code85044088
Item NameFrequency Converter
NEMA Enclosure typeIP22
Nomimal Input Voltage380 … 500 V
Nominal Output Power, Light-Overload Mode630 kW
Nominal Frequency50 / 60 (+/- 5%) Hz
Output Current, Standart Load990 A
Output Current, Heavy-Duty Load741 A
Output Current, Light-Overload Mode950 A
Nominal Output Power, Heavy-Duty Load500 kW
Nominal Output Power, Standart Load710 kW
Installation TypeCabinet-built

ACS880-07-0990A-5+A004 will be able to control the speed of the machinery according to what it needs. The speed could be adjusted to fast and slow. This way, accuracy is sustained, making the best quality end product.

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