ABB M3AA 80AA 4 +545 M3AA

ABB M3AA 80AA 4 +545
Item Number: M3AA 80AA 4 +545
  • M3AA 80 series motor with China Compulsary Certificate
  • Item Code: 3GAA082310-ASECN
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TypeElectric motor with squirrel-cage rotor
Weight9 Kg
Item Code3GAA082310-ASECN
Customs Tariff85015100
Manufacted inChina

The M3AA low voltage asynchronous three-phase motors with protection from inflammable dust ignition presented with cast iron and aluminum corps. The motor is described by a closed design, high-quality components for secure and trouble-free operation in a variety of conditions, excellent performance metrics. This engine series is formed by 16 sizes and offers a broad range of nominal characteristics and configurations for a more suitable selection of the engine for a specific use. Cooling is carried out due to the installed impeller on the shaft, 3 sensors are fitted for defense. The rated degree of protection is IP55. The ABB M3AA motors are used in such areas of equipment as ventilation, pumping, centrifugal separators, packaging equipment, and other.


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