Baumer HS35P 01024 T ABZC MI10 B E 100 5 Programmable Encoder

Baumer HS35P 01024 T ABZC MI10 B E 100 5
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Item Number: HS35P 01024 T ABZC MI10 B E 100 5


Incremental optical encoder

  • Diameter: 80 mm
  • Increased accuracy
  • Suitable for all standard industrial applications
Total price: 631.50
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Programmable Encoder HS35P 01024 VIDEO

It is an encoder typically designed for heavy duty operations requiring HeavyDuty execution. It is used as a feedback element for motor control via an inverter, but also for reading the speed of rotation of shafts and spindles, or for measuring distance traveled where it does not matter that its operation is incremental and not absolute.
The great advantage is the possibility of programming parameters, which allows the use of one type of encoder for several different applications in the technological unit. This reduces the necessary number of spare parts in the maintenance depot.
The programming is intuitive and can be realized directly in the workshop on the machine because the programming unit is portable - cordless

Of the recommended accessories, a connector (11126235 or some other that already has a built-in cable) for electrical connection to the control system is absolutely necessary for operation. Furthermore, Tether arm T3 is necessary to secure the encoder housing against rotation.
A recommended but not absolutely necessary cover (11080884).



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