Siemens 1FK7043-4CK71-1BH1

Siemens 1FK7043-4CK71-1BH1
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Siemens 1fk7043-4ck71-1bh1 synchronous type motor is related to simotics 1FK7 motor series. Such model is compact device with permanent magnets. They are also can working with frequency inverter s120 to build a very powerful servo system. Such devices are created with self-cooled system so they don`t demand additional fans. Presented motors have IP67 grade of enclosure rating for flange with shaft sealing. 1fk70434ck711bh1 have high dynamic response and low moment of rotor inertia. Devices can work in ceramics and glass process with high accuracy motion sequences. They are produced with cross type profile and are simply for installation.

Device IDSiemens 1FK7043-4CK71-1BH1
Item Life StageActive
Device Price Group762
Item ID85015220
Device Net Weight6,3 Kg
Unit family1FK7043
Unit Catalog SectionSD.NC60KT-1FK7
Product Group №9621
Device CodeLYII4K3F
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