Siemens 1LE1023-0DC23-4AA4 SIMOTICS GP General Purpose Low Voltage Motors

Siemens 1LE1023-0DC23-4AA4
Item Number: 1LE1023-0DC23-4AA4
Total price: 182.44
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Item IDSiemens 1LE1023-0DC23-4AA4
Device CodeNWGOH7IS
Device Catalog SectionD81.1-1/IEC
Product ID85015100
Item Life StageActive
Device Price Category3Z1
Device Group №5114
Unit series1LE1023
Unit Net Weight12 Kg

Strict quality assurance processes are performed to every single Siemens 1LE1023-0DC23-4AA4 before being distributed. This guarantees that consumers won't get defective units. The purpose of assessing the quality of the equipment is to determine if the equipment will not malfunction and provide danger to the user. Its company has already made a name in the industry by providing superior quality of items.

What makes this product a worthy purchase because of the several positive reviews it received from the users. This device is made for heavy works, and will ensure that it will give outstanding function. The company of this product has already established a good reputation with regards to quality that is why they are the most well-liked choice of several companies globally.

Siemens GP are multipurpose motors with aluminum body suited for a wide band of standard industrial applications. The design and internal framework of the electric engine provide maximum adaptability, lowest installation costs and simplicity of utilize: single-piece rise drag, feet on the helices, which can be tailored in altitude, easily available terminal boxes. The light-weight and broad diapason of options, they can be utilized in almost all areas and manufacturing. They are suitable for the specific conditions of the environment, for example at sea, for the chemical and petrochemical manufactures. A large range of implementations switch on the following applications: compressors, packing machines, manufacturing industry, general construction machines, printing.


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