Siemens 1LE1523-1EB43-4AA4 SIMOTICS SD Severe Duty Low voltage Motors

Siemens 1LE1523-1EB43-4AA4
Item Number: 1LE1523-1EB43-4AA4
Total price: 1997.42
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Device NumberSiemens 1LE1523-1EB43-4AA4
Product Life StageActive
Device Article NumberWR3KNMTL
Product Catalog SectionD81.1-R/IEC
Device Price Group3Z1
Device ID85015230
Product Net Weight170 Kg
Product series1LE1523
Product Group №5127

Each Siemens 1LE1523-1EB43-4AA4 passes through high standard of checking before being introduced and offered in the market. This ensures that a consumer will only acquire a unit that is not defective. The purpose of assessing the quality of the equipment is to determine if the equipment will not malfunction and provide danger to the user. This practice is expected from its manufacturer as they have already build a reputation in terms of production of quality products.

The efficiency of solving a wide range of issues can be increased through integrating the use of this product. Moreover, it can also bring significant improvements in the production. For this reason, a lot of companies are using this equipment. Because of its revolutionary design, it would be simpler to install and use the equipment. The person with the best knowledge in operating such equipment will not encounter any problem for sure.

The manufacturer is aware that inappropriate handling of this type of equipment is risky. As a way to avoid accidents, some safety features are added.

The SIMOTICS-SD series engines offers a rugged ironclad body, and are also appropriate for use in severe to very harsh environments. With a broad energy range of 0,09... 500 kW, SIMOTICS SD motors are the foundation for apparatus and factory builders and owners who want a universal engine for flexible demands and terms of use. This equipment can be used for mixers, facilities for the petro chemistry and processing industry, with an aggressive atmosphere. Assortment of these SD series is designed to lessen power consumption and protection of the environment, in line with present environmental concepts.


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