Siemens 1LE1523-3AB03-4AA4 SIMOTICS SD Severe Duty Low voltage Motors

Siemens 1LE1523-3AB03-4AA4
Item Number: 1LE1523-3AB03-4AA4


Total price: 8084.08
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Item IDSiemens 1LE1523-3AB03-4AA4
Unit family1LE1523
Device Price Group3Z1
Siemens Item Catalog ChapterD81.1-R/IEC
Product Group №5127
Product Life StageActive
Product Code3APT0TXZ
Device Net Weight760 Kg
Item ID85015381

Obtaining the right equipment is essential because it ensures that operation could proceed efficiently, and the company’s production goal is met. Out of all the similar products in the marketplace, this device is suggested by most experts. In order to make sure that each unit is durable, the company only use the perfect materials to make it.

Strict quality assurance processes are carried out to every Siemens 1LE1523-3AB03-4AA4 before being distributed. This guarantees that a consumer will only obtain a unit that is not defective. The purpose of examining the quality of the equipment is to see whether the equipment will not malfunction and bring risk to the user. This is no more astonishing because its manufacturer has built a reputation for providing quality products.

What makes this product a worthy purchase because of the several positive reviews it received from the users. This unit can withstand even the most difficult of jobs as it is built to last. The manufacturer of this equipment has put their name on the top board, by giving good quality of products that made them the top choice of many contractor across the world.

The SIMOTICS-SD series engines offers a lasting cast-iron housing, and as well appropriate for use in hard to very harsh environments. SIMOTICS SD engines with a vast power range from 0.09 to 500 kW are the foundation for machine and plant builders and owners who require a universal engine for supple requirements and conditions of utilize. You can use such units to equip: mixers, equipment for the petrochemical and manufacturing sector, with an invasive atmosphere. Assortment of these motors is developed to minimize energy rate and eco-friendly, in conformity with present ecological conception.


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