ABB flameproof motors and generators


Flame-proof motors are designed to withstand the negative effects of an explosion in the engine. They allow to keep the blast wave inside housing.


  1. Design features 
  2. Main specifications
  3. Types of produced motors

Design features of flameproof motors

The main task of these electromotors class is to provide good isolation during a possible explosion inside system. For this, all electrical elements are placed in a special shell. It is able to withstand high pressure that appears from the blast wave.

The Exd explosion  protection system has several additional advantages over the standard versions:

  1.  No need to purge before starting.
  2.  Significant reduction in minimum technical support.
  3.  Not necessary to maintain excess pressure during operation.

Slit protection makes system impenetrable not only from internal, but also from external factors. Therefore, motor housing also has good insulation from moisture, sand, dust or other corrosive substances.

Design features allow to successfully applying such motors in the harsh conditions of the following industries:

  •  chemical;
  •  oil;
  •  gas production etc.

Such equipment is used in places where is necessary to ensure safety of work into the explosive environment.

Cable entry protection is achieved by sealing rings. To ensure such dense isolation, it is necessary to provide a minimum level of vibration. Therefore, during installation, special attention is paid to balancing of the details. It is also necessary to monitor the density of all compounds.

Main specifications

The devices have a wide range of specifications. The company produces motors with power from 0.55 to 7500 kW. There is also classification into separate categories by the number of turns. The models are available with:

  •  2 poles (3000 rpm);
  •  4 poles (1500 rpm);
  •  6 poles (1000 rpm);
  •  8 poles (750 rpm).

Working at high revs will inevitably produce heat into system. For correct operations, it is necessary to ensure its withdrawal. For this function, a special fan is installed in all models.

However, one method of heat removal can be not enough to ensure the optimum temperature. Therefore, the design includes additional levels of cooling. The manufacturer supplies the device with two variants of these systems:

  1.  IC 411.
  2.  IC 511.

In the first case, special edges are installed around the body. Such design allows to successfully cope with thermal loads when operating at low power.
The second method is to install a cooler near active stator`s part. Such installation will ensure stable operation at high power.

Explosion-proof motors have very strict safety requirements. Therefore, manufactured models are tested for compliance with international standards. These include IECx, ATEX, NEMA and some regional requirements.

Types of produced motors

Depending on the specifications and applications, ABB explosion-proof electric motors are divided into:

  •  low voltage;
  •  high voltage;
  •  for underground mines.

Low voltage. Devices of this class are designed to withstand any pressure change after explosion inside the housing. They also prevent flames or sparks from entering the external environment through the body. Devices are fully compliant with IECEx certificates and ATEX directives. The power range of models are from 0.55 to 950 kW.

High Voltage. Engines in this category are able to withstand sudden changes in pressure without any significant damage. As a previous series they successfully prevent the spread of flame outside system. Motors are fully certified to IECEx, ATEX and NEMA. Available models from 160 to 7500kW.

For underground mines. These low-voltage electric motors designed specifically for operation in the harsh conditions of the mining industry. Engines are fully ATEX and IECEx certified. Devices have IP66 class of protection. Models are available with power up to 500 kW and voltage range up to 1000V.

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