ABB medium voltage drive


Abb medium voltage AC drives are frequency converters that are capable to work in the power range from 250 kW to more than 100 MW.


  1. Medium voltage AC drive
  2. Medium voltage vfd for general purpose
  3. Medium voltage inverters for special purpose

Medium voltage AC drive

The concept of medium voltage (MV) is used in areas which working with electrical power distribution. There are several classifications of such parameter. According to Table 3 of IEC 60038, IEEE Std 1623-2004 and ANSI / IEEE 1585-2002, it is in the range from 1 to 35kV (applies only to AC).

The company produces 8 series capable of operating with medium voltage. All of them are designed for wide range of applications. However, ABB drives for medium voltage are divided into two main types:

  1. For general purpose
  2. Specialized

General-purpose drives designed to work with standard AC motors. They adjust speed of rotation of the motor shaft. This allows user to regulate motor to the desired rotation speed.

Specialized drives are used for non-standard applications for equipment with specific requirements.

Medium voltage vfd for general purpose

The most often devices of this category are used for work in pumping and ventilation systems, compressors, mixers and various conveyors. Such drives operate in following industries:ABB-medium-voltage-drives-for-general-purpose-acs-5000-photo

  • mining;
  • cement;
  • chemical;
  • oil and gas, etc.

That is, their application area is very huge. In addition to the standard functions of monitoring, diagnostics and regulation, such inverters are able to save energy. It allows not only improve cost-efficiency but also helps to reduce the emission of harmful substances and heat into the environment.

Following series belong to medium-voltage drives for the general purpose by ABB:

Each model is designed to perform its specific tasks, which are adjusted by the supplier.ACS1000

  • ACS2000
  • ACS5000
  • ACS580MV

ABB ACS1000 drive can operate with several types of output voltages (2.3; 3.3; 4 and 4.16kV). There are two options for the cooling system - with air or water. In the first case, an inverter can operate in the power range from 315 kW to 2 MW. With water-cooling, such frequency converter can work with powers up to 5 MW. The device has arc resistant and seismic design with sinusoidal outputs. The most of them is used to work with induction motors.

ABB ACS2000 drive operating in the power range up to 2,600kW. The device works with an output voltage range from 4.0 to 6.9kV and with maximum output frequency of 75 Hz. Presented inverter is equipped with air cooling, reserve fan and output sine filter. Like previous one series, the drive is designed to work with induction motors.

ABB ACS 5000 air-cooled drive with a maximum power of up to 7 MW. Its output voltage is in the range of 6.0 to 6.9kV. The device can operate with a frequency up to 75Hz, but it is possible to adapt it to work with 250Hz. integrated input transformer and redundant cooling fan are installed in the drive. The device has several functions such as direct torque control and determining the instantaneous power factor of the network throughout the entire operating speed range.

ACS580MV the all-compatible medium voltage drives created especially for work in medium voltage. All basic options are already built into the design, which minimizes needs for additional equipment. Inverter operates with output voltage from 6 to 11kV. Its power depends on the voltage parameter and is in the range from 200 to 6300 kW. The most often, such device is used for controlling in ventilation and pumping systems. Frequency converter can work with constant and variable torque.

In general, the presented series can work in a very wide range of power capacities and can be an optimal solution for performing main industrial tasks.

Medium voltage drives for special purpose

In addition to standard tasks, drives are also created for areas that are more specific. Such devices are used in work with powerful and high-speed equipment.

These include, for example, marine engines, rolling mills, large pumps, etc. All such equipment has specific requirements for the characteristics of the frequency converter.

The category includes following ABB drives:ABB-megadrive-lci-medium-voltage-frequency-inverter-image

  • ACS 5000
  • ACS 6000
  • Megadrive-LCI
  • ACS6080

Let's look at their characteristics in detail.

ACS5000 is a drive that operates with an output voltage from 6 to 13.8 kV and in the power range from 5 to 36 MW. Device has a VSI type converter. An inverter is equipped with water-cooling. The device has integrated safety features and synchronous bypass. The maximum output frequency reaches 75Hz. Such frequency converter can be used to work with induction, synchronous and permanent magnet motors.

ACS6000 is a multi-motor drive with a common DC bus that can operate with power ranges from 3 to 36 MW. There are several types of output voltage available (2.3; 3.3; 4.0; 4.16kV). A special feature of the inverter is an optimized pulse pattern for reducing network harmonics (using the IGCT). Scope of application is identical to the previous one.

MEGADRIVE-LCI is a very customized load-commutated inverter. Such drive works with a power range from 2 to 72MW. The manufacturer upon request can increase the allowable power even higher. Two cooling systems are available: air or water. The device works with output voltages from 2.1 to 10kV. The most often this inverter is used to work with synchronous motors.

ACS6080 is an all-compatible industrial drive with high performance for critical applications. Inverter uses a new MP3C control technology and can operate in the power range from 5 to 36 MW. The drive has a modular, arc-resistant design and provides extremely high levels of safety. It is designed to work in the metallurgical and mining industries where high-performance motor control is necessary.

Conclusion: ABB has created a wide range of frequency converters for working with medium voltage. Basic models are able to perform common tasks, and specialized ones can help with unusual requirements.

On our website you can find a large catalog of ABB frequency drives including medium voltage inverters.

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