ABB water drives


Presented ABB drives are designed for automation control in water and wastewater systems.

  1. Specialized ABB drives for water solutions
  2. Medium-voltage drives for water industry.
  3. Water drives applications
  4. Advantages of using water ABB inverters

Specialized ABB drives for water solutions

ABB has developed several series specifically for work in the water industry. These inverters are designed for use in both supply and water waste systems.

ABB specialized water drives include:

  • ACQ550
  • ACQ580
  • ACQ800

Let's look at them in details.

ABB ACQ580 is a low-voltage compatible drive for operation in water systems. Inverter operation ensures stable pumps work and continuous water flow. Such drive can work with one or a group of devices.

The ACQ580 inverter has some useful features for pumping applications:

  • smooth filling
  • acceleration / deceleration control
  • connection priority
  • multi-motor control
  • level management
  • flow calculation

In addition, common pump functions the frequency converter can also start the pipeline cleaning. This is achieved by direct and reverse motor rotation. The drive also has safety options against emergency situations.

ABB ACQ550 is a low-voltage frequency converter for use in water and wastewater systems. Such drive provides the supply and recycling of water flows. Presented device has various features such as Intelligent Pump Control.

This category of ABB inverters includes a wide range of models:

  1. ACQ550-U1
  2. ACQ550-PC
  3. ACQ550-PD
  4. ACQ550-CC

These drives are produced both wall-mount and floor-standing. All units have PID control function.

ABB ACQ800 is an ultralow harmonic drive series. This category of ABB inverters includes two types:

  1. ACQ800-U31
  2. ACQ800-U37

Drives are equipped with special functions for working with pumps. They can perform:

  • level control
  • anti-jam function
  • multi-pump control

They can also provide Pi control with sleep function and improve system protection.

In addition to specialized models standard devices can also be used in water systems. The compact ACS310 can perform pump and fan control tasks for water solutions.

Medium-voltage drives for water industry

Medium-voltage drives are ideal for working with powerful devices in water industry systems. All presented models have a minimal of parts in the design and have a fuseless and encoderless construction.

One of the main advantages of such inverters is the direct torque control (DTC). ABB drives are the best in this class worldwide.

The following drives ABB are suitable for water processes:

  1. ACS1000
  2. ACS2000
  3. ACS5000
  4. ACS6000
  5. Megadrive-LCI

All presented frequency converters can work with motors and generators with medium voltage.

ABB ACS 1000 is an industrial medium-voltage drive designed to perform standard tasks. This inverter has a simple and robust design that allows it to work in hazardous areas. It is suitable to all popular engines, thanks to the standard sine filter. The frequency converter operates in the power range from 315 kW to 5 MW and voltage up to 4.16 kV.

ABB ACS2000 is a universal drive for working with standard applications. The inverter is fully compatible with all common motors. There are no fuses in the drive design. The device has power from 250kW to 2.6MW and voltage up to 6.9kV.

ABB ACS5000 is a reliable drive with high protection. Such frequency converter has an improved level of safety. It can operate in hazardous environments. Inverter has power from 3.0 to 36 MW and voltage up to 6.9kV.

ABB ACS6000 is a high-voltage drive with a modular design to multi-motors work. Such a function can save a lot of workspace. The inverter can be used also to work with a single motor. Such frequency converter can work with synchronous and asynchronous motors with power up to 36 MW and voltage up to 3,3kV.

Megadrive LCI is a medium-voltage drive for working with high power devices. It can be cooled with air or water. Standard versions can operate with power up to 72 MW and engineered drives can work with 100 MW.

Excellent software allows user to distance customize the regulation, monitoring and diagnostics of the drive using DriveMonitor technology.

Water drives applications

Water resources have increased their importance throughout the world recently. Therefore, this industry requires overall automation. Since frequency drives can improve safety and efficiency process, they have gained worldwide popularity.

ABB inverters are used in the following areas:

  • clean water applications
  • sewage applications
  • desalination plants
  • industrial applications

Clean water applications include submersible pumps, as well as equipment for the extraction, transmission, distribution and purification of water flow.

Sewage applications use various pumps: influent, effluent, treatment for wastewater, for treatment, as well as fans.

Desalination plants work with raw water. This category includes process and high-pressure pumps.

Industrial applications include all systems that operate with water flow in production, for example, pumps for cooling, water supply and condensation.

In addition to presented industrial categories, such drives can also be used in irrigation, water lifting, storage and district heating.

Advantages of using water ABB inverters

The drives used in water supply systems allow not only to secure but also to significantly optimize the entire process.

ABB drives are able to provide the following functions in the pump operation:

  • higher speed in heavy load
  • soft start
  • lower speed at low load
  • improved accuracy
  • motor protection

Such advantages ensure maximum safety and efficiency at all work stages. At a small load, you can save 8 times more energy. Frequency converter will fully automate the process of equipment operation and its efficiency.

Conclusion: ABB has provided a wide range of low-voltage and medium-voltage drives that can work in the water industry systems. Such equipment will significantly reduce costs and increase production efficiency.

On our website you can find presented models in the ABB drives catalogue.

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