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  1. Baumer industrial cameras
  2. CХ cameras
  3. CX.I cameras
  4. LXI cameras
  5. LXT cameras
  6. QX cameras
  7. EX series

Industrial camera is a special device designed for shooting in harsh conditions. You can read more about this type of equipment here: What are industrial cameras?

Baumer industrial cameras

The German company has been manufacturing industrial cameras for over 20 years. Baumer main production line in this branch is PC-based image processing systems and intuitive vision sensors.

The main requirements for industrial cameras are high accuracy, quality, and reliability at the same time.

One of Baumer’s best features is customer focus. Due to this, its products are always customer-focused, which makes them flexible and easy to handle.Baumer industrial cameras

Baumer produces following main series of industrial cameras:

  • СХ series
  • CХ.I series
  • LX series
  • EX series
  • QX series

Such systems work with the most popular interfaces: GigE vision, USB Vision, 10 GigE Vision, Camera Link, and GenICam.

The company manufactures a number of various models for any image processing applications. Let's look at them in detail.

CХ series

Baumer CX is a line of CMOS cameras with high performance. Their structure includes SONY Pregius and STARVIS CMOS sensors.Baumer CX cameras

Models in this category have a fast response time (1 μs). The main features of the series are Burst Mode (1000 frames per second) and integrated image memory.

CX cameras are made with two types of interfaces:

  1. GigE Vision (VCXG series)
  2. USB 3 Vision (VCXU series)

VCXG series have housing 29 x 29 x 49 mm and VCXU, in turn, have 29 x 29 x 38 mm. Several versions have polarization (indicated by MP) and rolling shutter or global reset shatter function (indicated by R). Due to its high level of protection, (there are models with IP54, 65, 67 or even 69K), the equipment is protected from mechanical impact.

The manufacturer also produces special models with built-in PTP protocol IEEE 1588 (Precision Time Protocol) for time synchronization in Ethernet network.

This group includes models:

  • VCXG-15 PTP,
  • VCXG-32 PTP
  • VCXG-51 PTP
  • VCXG-124.PTP

As we can see, this protocol is only available with GigE Vision.

CX industrial cameras are able to work with extremely fast objects. To do this, its system uses the most modern versions of CMOS sensors (IMX or PYTHON). Dozens of industries also use Baumer IVO encoders for complex and accurate process tracking.

CX.I cameras

Baumer CX.I cameraBaumer CXI cameras are designed to work in harsh conditions and have extra performance. This series has unique system of integrated lighting controller and a unique modular pipe system for protecting lenses.

This equipment has a reinforced case with hard-anodized surface. Its special round shape with washdown surfaces prevents the ingress of harmful particles into internal mechanisms.

These cameras can effectively withstand vibration of 10g and mechanical shock of 100g. CXI series cameras are perfect for the food & beverage industry with increased strength requirements due to the possibility of numerous splashes.

LXI cameras

Baumer LXI cameras are designed for monitoring and counting objects in harsh industrial conditions.Baumer LX cameras

Such cameras have a high resolution up to 48 megapixels. Its sensors (CMV and PYTHON 25K) have high sensitivity. This equipment may operate with fast-moving objects and is protected from the effects of dimming.

Baumer releases the following types of LXI series:

  1. LXG (with GigE Vision)
  2. LXC (with Camera Link)

The company also produces models with Near-infrared range (NIR) and with 3D laser triangulation (marked as 3D). Presented series have Burst mode and built-in memory. There are also models with function of compressing JPEG images to save additional space (LXG-JP).

Devices operate with the interfaces: PoE (Power of Ethernet), PoCL (Portable Computing Language) and also Multi ROI and Multi I / O. Manufacturer also produces different types of lens mount such as M58, M42, F-mount and C-mount.

LXI series cameras will be the best solution when you need to get numerous high-quality images of a single process.

LXT cameras

Baumer LXT cameras are devices that work with a 10 GigE interface. Models are marked with VLXT and have IMX CMOS sensors.

The main features of the series are its huge bandwidth (up to 1.1 GB per second) as well as an easy connection. Such equipment can be integrated with fiber optic cables up to 10 km long. Devices have a separate slot for copper cables (10GBase-T) and SFP + for optical ones.

Presented equipment has a fast exposure of 1 μs, as well as ability to integrate with the PTP protocol.

Such devices are primarily intended for industries that require fast data transfer and fast integration into an industrial system.

QX cameras

Baumer QX series cameras aBaumer QX camerasre designed to continuously capture multiple images over a short time period (up to 4 seconds).

For faster data transfer, the device uses the 10GigE interface. As noted above, this interface transfers data at speeds up to 1.1GB / s. Series models are labeled VQXT and use CMOS APS-C (Advanced Photo System type-C) sensors.

Camera may record 335 frames per second and each of them will have a resolution of 12 megapixels. To store data in the device, up to 8 GB of internal memory is installed.

The QX series is perfect for applications where you need to analyze a process during a short period. It will be indispensable in science and medicine, as well as for analytics in production.

EX series

Baumer EX cameras have compact dimensions and at the same time high performance.

This equipment is used for general applications that require machine vision. Presented devices use the latest versions of CMOS sensors. The company produces two main series of cameras:Baumer EX cameras

  1. VEXG (with GigE Vision)
  2. VEXU (with USB3 Vision)

Device's case is made of metal and has dimensions of only 29x29x49 mm in VEXG series and 29x29x38 in VIEXU series. It is capable of operating at temperatures up to 65 ° C.

EX series is the perfect solution when a compact camera is required to perform standard tasks.

In addition to the main series, company also produces special models. They are primarily focused on customer-specific segment. The manufacturer also releases its software (which is compatible with Linux and Windows), accessories for the main series and starter kits for fast installation.

On our website you can find a wide range of Baumer products, encoders, sensors and accessories for them.