Burkert type 2000


Burkert 2000 is an angle valve with external control for work with air, steam and fluids.


  1. Burkert 2000 angle seat valve main specifications
  2. Control functions (CF) for Burkert2000
  3. Burkert type 2000 design

Burkert 2000 angle seat valve main specifications

The pneumatic valve consists of two main parts: a pneumatic actuator and 2-way main body. The producer manufactures actuator elements from 2 main materials PA (Nylon / Polyamide) and PPS (Polyphenylene sulfide).

Each model material depends on working ambient temperature. Main valve task is to operate processes in pneumatic systems.

As control medium the device uses neutral gases or air. Burkert 2000 can work with:

  • water
  • alcohols
  • oils
  • fuels
  • hydraulic
  • liquid
  • saline solutions
  • lyes
  • organic solvents
  • steam

Also it works with a flow of neutral and aggressive liquids, as well as gases. Presented devices are made of sections from 10 to 65 mm. For working with liquids, valves are equipped with protection for water hammer.

In this case, the main flow direction lays under the seat. For operation with vapors and gases, type 2000 is produced in the standard version, where the flow passes over swivel plate. Such method saves resources since the medium helps to regulate valve closure.

Such system has a high level of tightness due to self-adjusting seal in the spindle. In valve design it is also installed 2/2 way body. It is made of bronze or special steel. Quality materials allow the manufacturer to ensure a high level of consumption.

Standard valve model has PTFE seals and can operate at temperatures up to + 180 ° C. It is possible to install seals from other materials on request.

In addition to the main valve, user can connect position Indicators, travel stops and emergency manual controls.Burkert type 2000 image

Burkert 2000 valve is also fully compatible with the following devices:

  • Type 8644
  • Type 8640
  • Type 8697
  • Type 6012
  • Type 6014
  • Type 8840

Control functions (CF) for Burkert2000

The burkert 2000 2/2 angle valve may operate by several principles, depending on the functions:

  1. Function A (CFA)
  2. Function B (CFB)
  3. Function I (CFI)

The manufacturer also produces a similar 3/2 way piston valve (type 2002) with functions A and I.

CFA closes the valve with a spring. Before installing or disassembling, remove the load from the seat. To do this, apply air to the drive or open the cover. These actions will relieve tension from the spring. Compressed air must be connected to the lower hole.

CFB opens the valve with a spring. Compressed air is connected through the upper input. Before swapping, the user must disconnect the load from the seat. To do this, stop the supply of compressed air to the actuator.

CFI has double action and allows operating without a return spring in design. The compressed air connection passes through the top and bottom holes. Before reinstalling, shut off the compressed air to both valve outputs.

When installing all presented types, the user must follow basic rules that are written in the official manual. Before installation, authorized technicians must clean pipeline from contamination, and check correct direction of flow.

The most optimal is to install the device with a located up actuator. In the valves designed for welding, actuator must be disconnected before installation. For threaded devices, this is not so necessary.

Burkert type 2000 design

The design of the valve consists of 14 main parts. The most important details of the burkert2000 include:

  1. Transparent cap (1)Burkert 2000 angle seat design scheme
  2. Pilot air ports (2)
  3. Actuator (3)
  4. Piston seal (4)
  5. Spring (5)
  6. Tube (6)
  7. V-seals (7)
  8. Wiper (8)
  9. Nipple (9)
  10. Spindle (10)
  11. Pin (11)
  12. Swivel plate (12)
  13. Seal (13)
  14. Valve body (14)

The material of each element depends on body material (gunmetal or stainless steel 1.4401).

Conclusion: optimum performance of tasks by the valve Burkert 2000 is possible thanks to the possibility of an accurate construction materials selection of and them reliability.

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