EBM-Papst: perfect centrifugal fans for AC motors.


One of the main directions of produced equipment of the ventilation equipment leader of EBM-Papst is centrifugal fans. The company offers many items in this line. Centrifugal fan ebm papst is available with two types of impellers: with backward- and forward-curved blades. All fans are with external rotor motors. In the EBM-Papst nomenclature there are options with AC and DC motors. Function of centrifugal fans are moving of gas, steam and air mixtures with density up to 0.1 g/m3. There are centrifugal exhaust device low (up to 1000 PA), middle (1000-3000 PA) and high (3000-12000 PA) pressure. The pressure for them is crucial and determines the scope of application.

Centrifugal fans with backward- curved blades. These fans are widely used in industry. Are used primarily on suction and do not require enclosures.
Centrifugal fans with forward-curved blades. The main use of this type of fan is ventilation and air conditioning equipment. Features are low noise, small capacity of air at high static pressure and compact size. To work effectively it must have the body.
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