Eltra Sensing Technology: explosion-proof ATEX encoders.


This series of Eltra Encoders is corresponding to all ATEX Directive 2014/34/EU requirements. They protect systems that are used in potentially explosive atmospheres.

ATEX encoders can be absolute or incremental. They ensure the most precision control of speed and position.

The line of explosion-proof Eltra encoders is presented by EAMX 80 (absolute multi-turn encoder), EX 80 (incremental encoder) and EAX 80 (absolute single-turn encoder) series.

All of them guarantee reliability, robustness and high performance in such sectors as oil and gas refineries, chemical and paint plants, marine drilling platforms and others.

Their main characteristics are:
- diameter 80mm;
- protection class IP65;
-  resolution up to 16,384 rpm x 8,192 ppr/27 bits for the EAMX 80.

You can buy all Eltra incremental and absolute encoders with Eltra Trade s.r.o.