Flow meter types


Flowmeter is a device for measuring the mass and volume flow of a substance in a particular space at certain time.


  1. Main specifications
  2. Vortex flow meter
  3. Differential pressure flowmeters
  4. Thermal mass flowmeter
  5. Ultrasonic flowmeter
  6. Coriolis or mass flowmeter

Main specifications

The device can operate with different types of working environment such as vapors, gases or liquids. Today the most popular is differential pressure flow meter. It determines the pressure index based on change in values created in pipeline system. To select the correct flow sensor model must be considered following factors:

  • physical properties of environment;
  • device bandwidth;
  • degree of measurement accuracy;
  • working temperature.

There are several types of sensors, each is adapted to specific conditions. They also have distinctive technical and design features.

Vortex flow meter

Such sensors perform measurements by tracking the oscillation frequency of vortexes. They are formed when the stream overcomes obstacles in the pipeline.

In addition to flow measurement, the device can report the temperature level and composition of fluid or gas. The main areas of application are the oil refining, the automotive industry and work in various cooling systems.

Differential pressure flowmeters

The operation principle of differential pressure sensors is in the installation of special narrowing device into pipeline. The measured substance flows through it.

After passing through a narrowing channel, the material changes its statistical pressure. Difference between two indicators (before and after narrowing) serves as a measure of result.

Popularity of this flowmeters type ensured by measurement accuracy and versatility.

Thermal mass flow meter

Thermal flow meters are used to work with gases and liquids. Principle of operation consists in applying effect of transfer of thermal energy with using a movable flow.

The main characteristics of thermal sensors are:

1. Method of heating.

2. System design.

3. The placement of the heating element.

The most popular type of heating method is electric.

Flow meter ultrasonic

These are devices which principle of operation is based on using ultrasonic signal in the measured substance. Acoustic oscillations are directed through the flow of gases or liquids. Depending on the dispersion degree of the received signal, the result is determined.

Ultrasonic flowmeters are sometimes called acoustic. The design is equipped with several sensitive sensors. Devices of presented category have high level resistant to shocks and vibrations.

Coriolis mass sensors

Measurement of flow parameters occurs here due to the change oscillations phases of pipes. Leaking substance constantly effects on the walls of structure. As a result, a Coriolis force is created, that is measured by the device. It can be used not only for determining flow rate but for measuring temperature, volume and other physical parameters. Advantages of mass sensor are a long service life and high-precision measurements.

There are also several other types of flowmeters, such as turbine, gear, etc. Working principle of each sensor model is individual.

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