IFM Electronic: the right choice in automation equipment


The German company IFM Electronics was founded in the small city of Essen in 1969 and started with the production of miniature inductive sensors.

Now it's a huge company that has more than 5,500 employees in 70 offices all over the world.

The main activity of IFM is the development of devices that can be applied in any sphere of industrial production: from the food industry to the transport.

The company develops and improves every day thanks to the introduction of innovative technologies and close communication with various educational institutions and research centers.
With the aim of introducing and distributing its products, the company conducts training seminars and exhibitions both in its centers and on the territory of customers.


Today, the manufacturer has list of more than 8,000 items of devices and components. The most popular are:    

• inductive sensors;
• level sensors;
• flow sensors;
• capacitive sensors;
• ultrasonic sensors;
• photoelectric sensors;
• valve sensors;
• encoders.

Inductive sensor

It is used in almost all branches of industrial production. It has resistance to wear and to the influence of the environment. The device is resistant to dust, dirt, vibrations, there is a high accuracy of operation and switching.
IFM inductive sensors are represented by the following series: ring (I7R2), tube (I8500), cylindrical (I2200, IF60, IB51, IGT, IT50, IA00, IA50).

Capacitive sensor

It is used for contactless finding of subjects and objects. Such devices can detect nonmetallic objects, in contrast to inductive sensors, which, in turn, can detect only metallic ones.
They are widely applicable in the chemical, paper, food, woodworking industries. Series of IFM capacitive sensors: KT510, E123, EVC00

Ultrasonic sensor

It can measures the distance from any surfaces: solid, liquid, transparent, colored, clean, dirty, rough, smooth, etc. It is not sensitive to sound, noise, temperature and vibration.
Sound wave is reflected from the and data of the this object are determined by measuring the time of sound flight. The devices are very reliable; they work even in contaminated places.
IFM ultrasonic sensors are subdivided into such families: UGT5, UGR5, EVC0, E209.


It is used to convert a linear or rotary motion into a binary digital signal. At first the device measures the angle of rotation of the object, which rotates then rebuilds it into an electrical signal, which allows determining the angle of rotation.
Absolute and incremental encoders are widely used in mechanical engineering, railway industry, machine-tool construction, robotics, computer technologies, for controlling the movement of conveyor belts, in the food and medical industries.

Fibre optic sensors

The optical sensor is used in those cases when it is required to reliably and accurately determine the position of the object and, at the same time, it does not matter what material it consists of. When compared to proximity sensors, optical sensors have a large detection area.
Fibre optic sensors: O8H2, EVC1, E212, O6H3, EVT1, OGH5.

Level sensor

IFM level sensors are used in areas with bulk materials and liquids. It is intended to determine the level of these substances.

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