Lenze 8200 drive series


Lenze 8200 is a series of frequency converters, which consists of two types: Vector and Motec. The main difference between them is in the installation. Inverters of the first type are mounted into the cabinet, and the second ones - directly near motor.


  1. Lenze 8200 Vector
  2. Lenze 8200 Motec

Lenze 8200 Vector

This version of the frequency converter has a modular design. It has broad functionality and can fully perform the tasks of control, diagnostics and communication in industrial automation systems.

The main advantages of the Lenze 8200 Vector drive are:

  • modular design;
  • quick start / setup;
  • wide functionality;
  • overload protection;
  • simplicity of interface.

Devices have a power up to 7.5 kW when operating with voltage 230/240V and up to 90 kW when operating with 400/500 V. Such inverters have a very compact size that allows saving a lot of space in an industrial cabinet.

Several types of cooling are available to use. For example, using “cold plate” and “push-through” technologies. For cases, when the cabinet has its own cooling system, Lenze manufactures models without cooling.

The modular design allows for easy installation of additional units in device. They greatly simplify modification and connection of inverter into the working system.Lenze 8200 Vector photo

The inverter has pre-installed protection that allows it to cope with overloads up to 180% within a minute. It also can work even from 210% but no more than three seconds.

Ease of use is provided by connecting controlling panel XT or using a PC. To use a computer, you need to install free Global Drive Control software. Such control system has a simple interface and allows to quickly configuring the inverter operations.

Lenze 8200 Motec

Main feature of this series is the ability to install a frequency converter near motor and even directly on the terminal box. Such inverters are the most suitable in cases where you need a decentralized drive.

All drive electronics are isolated from the power module. This is achieved using special connectors.

Such construction does not complicate maintenance. To replace the radiator or internal electronics you need just to remove only four screws.

Additional modules can also be connected to the device. It allows for inverter to improve its functionality and quickly integrate into industrial systems.

Despite its decentralization in relation to the control cabinet, the device can realize almost all common drive tasks.

That is, Lenze 8200 Motec can perform following functions:

  • Control;
  • Diagnostics;
  • Commutation.

This option allows it to be equal with model 8200 vector. That is both frequency converters can be exchangeable, depending on the requirements of production.

A special XT control panel ensures the simplicity of operation. Drive can be also connected to the local PC. To do this, you need to install the free software GDCeasy.Lenze 8200 motec frequancy drive image

In conclusion: frequency inverter Lenze 8200 Vector perfectly shows itself in work and load in the control cabinet. It has simple control and functionality and can perform various drive tasks for a long time.

Lenze 8200 Motec frequency converter will be ideal when you need to install the drive outside the cabinet and in close proximity to the electric motor.

On our website you can find the catalog of frequency drives Lenze 8200 of both presented types.

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