Lenze 9300 frequency inverters


Lenze 9300 frequency inverters are standard model of drives designed for high-demand systems.


  1. The main advantages standard converters lenze 9300
  2. The main types of lenze 9300 converters
  3. Lenze 9300 register control
  4. Lenze 9300 Servo Cam Profiler
  5. Lenze 9300 Position Control
  6. Lenze 9300 Servo PLC

The main advantages standard converters lenze 9300

All series of models are designed to work in industrial systems with high requirements.

They are often applied in the following areas:

  • feed and dosing systems;
  • pumping devices;
  • ventilation systems;
  • filling equipment.

A device using in such applications puts a number of necessary demanding functions for inverter.

Therefore, the lenze9300 converters have the following advantages:

  1. Operating mode selecting
  2. Working even at overload
  3. Detecting motor specifications
  4. Easy operation
  5. Wide range of built-in functions

Operating mode selecting consists in the presence of several possible principles of operation. The device can operate both using the U / f (linear and quadratic) and vector control.

Working with overload can be carried out for 1 minute if the rated current is in 1.5 times higher.

Detecting motor specifications is performed in automatic mode by device itself.

Easy operation is carried with the Global Drive Control software. It controls and analyzes the device's operation and provides interaction between the main modules. Connection to PC is carried out via RS232 / 485 interface.

Wide range of built-in functions includes:

  • Speed control
  • Moment control
  • Step control
  • Regulation of passed distance
  • Possibility of frequency digital connection

Also, the device can work with other converter in the “Master-Slave” mode.

The main types of lenze 9300 converters

The main Lenze 9300 drive series has several variants for more specific purposes. This series of frequency converters are divided into subgroups depending on the control type to Lenze servo 9300 and Lenze vector 9300.

There are also different models, depending on the connected motor power. Vector-controlled converters have the following sub-categories:

  • Lenze 9300 Vector 0.37-90 kW
  • Lenze 9300 Vector 110-400 kW
  • Lenze 9300 Vector 0,37-400 kW

Drives of each category have their own specifications.

In addition, Lenze has created a series of specialized models, which are designed to perform variable purposes. Each of them has a narrower set of characteristics intended for specific tasks.

Lenze produces the 9300 series with the following software:Lenze 9300 frequency converter photo

  1. 9300 Register
  2. 9300 Cam Profile
  3. 9300 Positioner
  4. 9300 Servo PLC

Let's look at them in detail.

Lenze 9300 register control

Drives with Register Control are designed to work with machines that process material to a specific length. They may also be used in printing machines where work is carried out with strictly defined parameters.

Equipment in this category already have many pre-installed functions that provide quick start-up and high-quality work in the above areas.

The user can quickly create the necessary technological system by himself using widely customizable functions of modules.

The 9300 Register control has a number of useful features:

  • programming flexibility
  • correction of the built-in register
  • manual for setting the initial label
  • customizable operation modes
  • preset internal interpolator
  • external plug-ins

The converter has a built-in control register, which performs instant adjustment of the working details (rollers, printing cylinders) to the required angular position. This allows for avoiding unnecessary defects, due to mistakes in the material properties.

Internal interpolator allows smooth acceleration and deceleration without product damage. Via external plug-in modules, communication with other equipment is provided using INTERBUS, PROFIBUS, RS232 and RS 485.

Lenze 9300 Servo Cam Profiler

Devices in this category allow to perform work on moving an object or mechanism along a curvilinear path. This happens without additional equipment (for example, rollers, guides, etc.).

They are used for bottling, packaging, materials processing and in many industries with a need to adjust the difficult movement. Drive has software in its design that calculates all movement trajectory. This is done graphically or using a coordinates table.

Lenze 9300 Servo Cam has the following advantages:

  • Integrated runner shaft controller
  • Ability to lock
  • Expansion and contraction functions of the slider
  • Ability to save 8 profiles of path sets
  • Movement on X and Y axes

Path analysis makes it possible to calculate the whole trajectory and laws of device movement. After that, it is possible to set the required parameters for motors and their drives.

To simplify the adjustment of work under any curvilinear path, the device has installed internal libraries.

Lenze 9300 Position Control

This type of inverter is designed for the most accurate actuator positioning. It allows adjusting the movement with special care. That is, to ensure the movement of an object with a given speed and time.

Models in this category are used in robotics, turntables, material handling, and other industries with exact positioning requirements.

The 9300 Position control by Lenze has 32 preset functions, including:Lenze 9300 frequency converter position control

  • Possibility of manual control
  • Fast braking
  • High positioning accuracy
  • Quick reset
  • Absolute coordinate system

The desired position can be set using coordinates, step-by-step programming or manually. As mentioned above, the device uses an absolute coordinate system to calculate these parameters.

The converter also has built-in regulators:

  1. PID controller
  2. PI speed controller
  3. PI current regulator

They help perform actuator positioning as quickly as possible.

Lenze 9300 Servo PLC

This model is characterized by the ability for the user to create his own application programs for work, using the built-in tools. An additional processor and software provide this functionality. Presence of such tools eliminates the need for external PLC controllers.

Frequency converters of this series may quickly synchronize drives, tuning motors, performing voltage control and failures.

Also, with the help of the functional, it is possible to control phase breaks and overloads of synchronous and asynchronous electric motors.

The 9300 PLC frequency converters by Lenze have the following advantages:

  • Bipolar control
  • Built-in positioning tables
  • Accurate tuning
  • 655 kByte program memory
  • 11kByte RAM
  • 8 temporary tasks per event
  • Fixing speed
  • Perform cyclic tasks
  • Fast processing time
  • Advanced software

The devices of this series are most popular in the metal/woodworking production and packaging conveyors. It also applies to various industries that require advanced configuration.

Conclusion: Lenze has created a number of specialized frequency drives that perform a wide range of tasks in various industries. Creating types for specific tasks promotes quick commissioning frequency converters into operation, as well as use them with maximum efficiency.

On our website, you can find a wide catalog of presented Lenze frequency converters. For more information about the models and their availability in stock, please contact our manager.