The Lenze electric motor is the heart of many industrial systems. Due to this device, a huge number of mechanisms and processes are set in motion.

Lenze Motors advantages

The company has always paid special attention to the production of drive technology. For all the time of its existence, the manufacturer has released a huge number of models, with many options and different details. However, all produced series are united by one feature – absolute German quality.

Lenze drives are also ideally combined with inverters. That pair allows you to fully automate the work and ensure the ideal interaction between the production line and the control systems.

The combination of these two devices allows the customer to set the ideal sequence of operation of the drive systems taking into account the specific needs of the production process.

Lenze motor series

Motors produced by the company are divided into several series. The main task of such equipment is to create a rotational force.
The main categories:

  •  Asynchronous motors Lenze MD AC. Represent a line of three-phase asynchronous drives. Universally suitable for almost all types of industries. It has a compact body and a high degree of protection. Network or inverter can accomplish management of their work. 
  •  Asynchronous motors Lenze MH AC. This version also applies to the three-phase motor series for general industrial applications. Like the previous category, it has compact dimensions and a high degree of protection. These devices are quite energy efficient. It is possible to significantly reduce energy consumption through cycle management. 
  •  Asynchronous electric motors Lenze MF. The third line of the three-phase type from the manufacturer. It has a small compact size, 

that allows to reduce the size of the inertia and increase the rotational speed of the drives. For better performance at high rotate speed, the shaft of the device is fitted with pressure seals and special lubrication in the bearings.

Servomotors Lenze

The servomotor manufactured by Lenze is an equipment that is capable of operating in a wide range of speeds. That device also copes with ensuring smooth running and vibration reduction.

Due to innovative technologies, the company managed to provide excellent control over the operation of this type of drive.
Today, we can divide the manufactured servomotor engines into the following categories:

  •  Asynchronous MCA servomotors AC. The devices have compact dimensions combined with low inertia. These functions allow the use of a series of models for solving high-speed tasks.
  •  Asynchronous servomotors Lenze MQA AC. This series is designed to work with constant high loads and has good level of protection. An autonomous ventilation system can separately installed on these servomotors. Such devices are designed for situations when it is necessary to cope with large loads on the drive.
  •  Synchronous servo motors Lenze MDXKS AC. In the production of this line, the manufacturer focused on reliability and optimum performance. Drives are designed for the highest quality requirements, so the representatives of the series have a long service life without breakdowns. Such devices are best suited for conditions where high quality and non-stop work is required.
  •  Synchronous servo motors Lenze MCS AC. The line of this series has a wide variation in specifications, so for the client there is an opportunity to choose the most suitable model. Servomotors have a compact size and good degree of strength. That allows customer to use them even in industries with harsh conditions. Such devices are suitable for situations where a small size is required in combination with reliability.

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