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  1. What Are Low Voltage Drives and Where Are They Used
  2. Low Voltage Drives by Siemens: What Is so Special in Them?
  3. The Range of Siemens SINAMICS Low Voltage VFD

Industrial drives are commonly used to convert alternating current (voltage) of one frequency into alternating current (voltage) of another frequency. Among them, there are lots of options working with high voltage (HD), medium voltage (MD) and low voltage (LD). The last option we'll consider in our article taking an example of reliable and functional Siemens low voltage drives.Low Voltage Drives

What Are Low Voltage Drives and Where Are They Used

Asynchronous motors have a significant advantage over DC motors due to their simplicity of design and ease of maintenance. This determines their unambiguous predominance and widespread use in almost all industries, energy and urban infrastructure.

It is known that the regulation of the speed of rotation of the actuator can be carried out using various devices (methods), among which the most famous and widespread are the following:

  • a mechanical variator;
  • hydraulic clutch;
  • electric frequency converter (generator-engine systems);
  • additionally introduced into the stator or phase rotor resistances, etc;
  • variable frequency drive.

The first four methods differ in various combinations of the following disadvantages:

  • difficulties in application, maintenance, operation;
  • poor quality and range of regulation;
  • low cost-efficiency.

All these disadvantages are absent when using frequency converters or low voltage drives.

It is possible to immediately single out typical mechanisms that are distinguished by high operational and economic efficiency when introducing low voltage VFDs and automation systems based on them:

  • pumps, fans and smoke exhausters;
  • conveyors;
  • elevators, cranes etc.

A special economic effect from the use of frequency converters is provided by the use of frequency regulation at facilities that provide transportation of liquids. Until now, the most common way to regulate the performance of such objects is the use of gate valves or control valves, but today frequency control of an asynchronous motor that drives, for example, the impeller of a pump unit or a fan, is becoming absolutely available.

Low Voltage Drives by Siemens: What Is so Special in Them?

One of the most successful drive options for asynchronous motors is the Siemens Sinamics range of drives. It contains various options that are united by common unique characteristics:siemens sinamics

  • Solving a wide range of tasks in the field of industrial automation.
  • They do not require constant developer intervention - all management and configuration can be carried out directly on the unit itself.
  • High reliability and a wide operating temperature range - this makes Siemens low voltage drives suitable for use in harsh environments and harsh operating conditions.
  • Ease of commissioning. All you need is to use a manual for each model.
  • Availability of models of various sizes from compact to large units.

The Range of Siemens SINAMICS Low Voltage VFD

Let's consider the most popular Siemens Sinamics low-frequency drives.

  1. Siemens g120 is an economical and safe drive that offers maximum functionality. Such a drive has a reinforced protection system, the ability to recuperate energy in case of its excess. And due to its modular design, it is easy to adapt to any industrial system. Its versatility makes the Siemens G120 a true bestseller among low voltage drives.
  2. Siemens S110 is an ideal low voltage drive for moving individual axes. It is particularly suitable for industrial applications in lifting equipment, assembly lines, metalworking, woodworking, glass making and plastic recycling. The advantages of this actuator are the presence of a basic positioner, a high level of built-in safety systems, the ability to control via digital and analog interfaces, as well as adaptability to both synchronous and asynchronous motors. 
  3. Siemens v20 is the solution for those who value reduced engineering and commissioning costs. Due to the already integrated power consumption mode, it is also an energy-efficient drive. Also, this model embodies ease of control even without connecting to a central PC, a wide range of options with power from 0.12 to 15 kW, a universal housing for all types of installation.
  4. Siemens v90 is another example of simplicity and functionality. Such a drive does not need to be configured, it can simply be plugged in, started and started. By automating the tuning and resonance suppression, the drive is even more convenient to operate. The drive uses an absolute encoder to enable precise positioning. Moreover, this model does not require additional cooling. Siemens v90 is recommended for automatic assembly lines, packaging lines and printing presses.siemens sinamics g120
  5. Siemens g110 is a drive with basic capabilities, but at the same time, all its functions are finely tuned and brought to ideal simplicity. These drives range in power from 0.3 kW to 3 kW, and all options are housed in robust and compact housing. The presence of the operator panel allows you to quickly configure the parameters of the drive. At the same time, Siemens G110 is fully compatible with Sizer and Starter software.

Using low voltage VFD is a cost-efficient solution for all types of industries. Even the most complex tasks can be solved with them. Even more, low voltage drives are considered to be the most effective along with low-electricity consumption proved. In the diversity of low voltage servo drives, it is Siemens Sinamics that keeps the palm for several years already. Due to its innovative design solutions and proven highest quality of every spare part of the drive, the reputation of the brand and its range of Siemens Sinamics drives is impeccable.

In our blog, we considered the most popular options from the Siemens Sinamics catalog yet it's not all you can get from that company and its drives for AC motors. Just visit our websites' catalog to get even more options to choose from. In Eltra-Trade, you'll get Siemens Sinamics low voltage servo drives with the highest quality guarantee and for a reasonable price.