Siemens MAGFLO: One of the best electromagnetic flow meter


Siemens sitrans F M is a series of flowmeters for working with liquids and gases using electromagnetic induction.


  1. Siemens SITRANS FM main advantages
  3. Transmitters MAGFLO
  4. Industry-specific magnetic flowmeters

Siemens SITRANS FM main advantages

The sitrans fm magflo flowmeters are designed to make flow measurements in quite different areas. Magflo series devices are used to work with following industries:

  • water and wastewater
  • chemical
  • pharmaceutical
  • food Industry
  • beverage
  • energetics
  • paper&pulps
  • mining

Full list of Sitrans applications is quite extensive. So, due to such wide scope of applying, the devices also have wide functionality. Good adaptability of the flow meters is provided by its modular design.

Main advantages of Siemens sitrans f m include:

  1. Easy commissioning
  2. USM module
  3. Magflo diagnostics
  4. Simple external diagnostics

Simple commissioning is carried out thanks to the SENSOPROM memory module. It memorized device calibration data, which is stored during the entire life cycle.

In addition, unit stores both factory and user settings. Use of the SENSOPROM allows SITRANS F M flowmeters to permanent store all necessary information without its reentering.

In case of transmitter replacing, additional programming is not required.

USM II module is a universal signaling device that provides sensor integration in almost all industrial systems. Such module has the “Plug & Play” function, which provides device communication with the most popular bus protocols.

Device can be easily upgraded for work with new protocols and bus platforms.

MAGFLO diagnostics allows the device to monitor several parameters by itself. The flow meter can perform self-diagnostics of all outputs and measuring transducer accuracy. It can also check the main sensors work.

Device also can analyze the flow level in the tube section. This allows user to know fullness of the pipe or lack of flow. All found errors are recorded in the text log with according to their categories.

There are several types of entries, such as: function, warning, repeated and fatal errors.

Simplified external diagnostics is performed using a special verifier MAGFLO. It is designed to monitor all system parts and control over the installation and working process.

Sensors SITRANS MAGFLOSienemens sitrans magflo 3100W image

The MAGFLO series contains devices of various categories. They are divided into:

  1. Sensors
  2. Transmitters
  3. Industry-specific flowmeters

Each of the presented types also includes several series.

Siemens Sitrans magnetic sensors consist of the following series:


Sitrans fm 1100 has a flangeless wafer made of stainless steel with corrosion protection and are intended for general use.

Sitrans fm 1100f are designed especially for use in the food and pharmaceutical industries.

Sitrans fm 5100w are created for work with water and wastewater systems.

Sitrans fm mag 3100 is a fully welded flow meter. Models are available with diameters of different sizes.

Sitrans fm 3100p designed specifically for heavy-duty applications in process and chemical industry.

All presented devices are ATEX certified and can be used in work with drinking water. They modular design allows you to connect them to one of several transmitters simply and quickly.

Transmitters MAGFLOSiemens transmitters mag5000/6000 photo

MAG5000 / 6000 are a measuring transducers, which are based on microprocessors with alphabetic and numerical display. Such device processes the signals from sensors and provides a function of power supply for coils.

Siemens produces three MAGFLO transmitter series:

  • SITRANS F M MAG 5000
  • SITRANS F M MAG 6000
  • SITRANS F M MAG 6000 I / EX d

Sitrans fm 5000 are robust converters for a wide range of applications. Their maximum error in operation is 0.5% of the flow.

SItrans fm 6000 are designed to work in demanding applications with high requirements for accuracy and functionality of work. The maximum measurement error here is equal 0.25% of the flow.

Sitrans fm 6000 I and 6000 Ex d have a high degree of protection and are designed to work in the harshest and most dangerous environments.

Measuring transducers work with the following components:

  • Control device
  • HART Communicator
  • PC via HART communication
  • PC via PROFIBUS PA communication

All devices in the series support 11 languages and can display results in various measuring units.

Industry-specific magnetic flowmetersSiemens industry-specific magnetic flow meters

Some production spheres have special requirements for devices. For such cases, the company produced two additional series:

  2. SITRANS F M MAG 8000/8000 CT

Sitrans transmag 2 is a powerful flow meter designed for operation in high solids environments. It is also able to work with a pulsating flow and in substances with low conductivity. Such flow meters are very popular in mining and pulp & paper industries.

Sitrans fm 8000 is a fully autonomous flow meter for use with water media. It can perform measurements without network supply power. Its design includes a wireless 3G / UMTS module, which can transfer results remotely. The most often, such equipment are used in the systems of water distribution and irrigation.

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