Sinamics g120 low voltage drives by Siemens


Sinamics g120 is a modular industrial frequency drive manufactured by Siemens for operations in low voltage systems.


  1. Design sinamics g120 drive
  2. Siemens frequency inverter g120
  3. Sinamics g120 control unit (CU)
  4. Sinamics g120 power modules (PM)
  5. Sinamics g120 operator panel (OP)

Design sinamics g120 drive

Sinamics G series converters along with Sinamics S are designed for work in low voltage. Presented drives series works in power range from 0.12 to 2700 kW. The modular design of the sinamics g120 frequency converter consists of several main parts:

  • Frequency converter
  • Control Module
  • Power Module
  • Operator Panels

Let's consider each item in details.

Siemens frequency inverter g120

Currently, the Siemens Sinamics G120 series includes the following models:

  1. Sinamics 120c compact inverters
  2. Sinamics 120 standard inverters
  3. Sinamics 120d distributed inverters
  4. Sinamics 120p specialized inverters

Sinamics 120c is a compact frequency converter for mounting into industrial cabinet. Such drive is used to control the rotation speed of three-phase asynchronous motor. Siemens sinamics 120c can work with:

  • mixers
  • centrifugal pumps
  • crushers
  • radial and axial fans
  • centrifuges

The drive is available in three sizes: FSA, FSB and FSC. Blocks of the control unit (CU) and the power module (PM) are combined here in one construction.

The basic version includes the Safe Torque Off feature, which allows to safely stop for drives. Inverter operates in the power range from 0.55 to 18.5 kW.

Sinamics 120 is a standard version and can work in various applications. The basic feature set includes:

  • Safe Torque Off (STO)
  • Safe Stop 1 (SS1)
  • Safe Brake Control (SBC)

The device can also be equipped with additional features like Safe Limit Speed (SLS), Rotation Direction (SDI), Speed Control (SSM) and some more.

Currently, seven types of sinamics g120 are available:Sinamics g120 photo

  • FSA,
  • FSB,
  • FSC,
  • FCD,
  • FCE
  • FSGX

Some resistors and breakers can be removed from the design.

Sinamics 120d is a frequency converter for operation in conveyor systems with power up to 7.5 kW. It is also suitable for other applications where it is enough to use a drive with low productivity.

Siemens sinamics 120d converters have an IP65 degree of protection and can optimally work with Siemens TIA family equipment. Modular type design allows device to be mounted separately from control cabinets.

Inverter works with special STARTER tool, which allows making a quick start as well as perform setup and diagnostics through a built-in menu.

Sinamics 120p is a converter that specializes in pumping, ventilation and compressor systems. The device operates in the range from 0.12 to 250 kW.

The Siemens sinamics 120 p frequency drive can operate in ECO mode and hibernation mode. Such inverter works with most major protocols such as PROFINET, PROFIBUS DP and PROFIenergy.

Sinamics g120 control unit (CU)

Control modules regulate processes on the power module and in motor. They also allow using additional functions in the drive system, for example, Safety Integrated.

Three models of Siemens control modules are available:

  1. CU230-P
  2. CU240B-2
  3. CU240-E2

CU 230-P is a vector-controlled module (SLVC) that is designed specifically for use with pumping, ventilating, and compressor equipment.

It has a set of inputs and outputs optimized for several applications types. Its dimensions are 73x199x58.4 mm. Device can perform the functions of automatic restart, slip compensation and also some other additional useful features.

Control unit has a built-in PID controller and "sleep" mode, which can save energy consumption. Such device can be used with the following interfaces:

  • PROFIBUS (CU230P-2 DP)
  • BACnet MS/TP и RS 485 с Modbus RTU(CU230P-HVAC)Sinamics g120 control unit
  • CANopen (CU230P-2 CAN)

In addition, there is the possibility of variable software settings of digital timers.

CU240 B-2 is a control module designed to work with standard industrial systems in mechanical engineering. Such device has dimensions of 73x199x46 mm and equipped with basic inputs/outputs.

Regulation in the module is carried out by vector type control. Such equipment can work with several interfaces:

  1. PROFIBUS (CU240B-2 DP)
  2. RS 485 с Modbus RTU (CU240B-2)

It can perform the functions of automatic restart, restart during operation and kinetic buffering. The device can perform temperature control of electromotor both with the sensor and separately.

CU240E-2 is a control module for general industrial equipment, such as belt conveyors, mixers and extruders. It has identical main dimensions and functions with the previous model.

The control module can work with the following interfaces:

  • PROFIsafe (CU240E-2 DP-F/ PN-F)
  • RS 485 with USS protocol (CU240E-2/F)

The device also has several safety features (according to EN 954-1 and IEC 61508). Such modules can support STO, SS1, SLS, SDI, and SSM functions.

All presented modules operate with a voltage of 24V DC. Direct current can come from an external source or through a power module. All series have a USB interface.

Sinamics g120 power modules (PM)

Power modules for Sinamics g120 are designed to work with powers up to 250 kW. Each model has differences in both the level of protection and the method of ventilation.

Siemens releases the following 7 models of power modules for SINAMICS G120 inverters:

  1. PM230
  2. PM330
  3. PM240
  4. PM240-2
  5. PM250
  6. PM260
  7. PM230 IP55/ULSinamics g120 power modules

PM230 are designed to work with pumps and fans. They have IP20 enclosure protection. Additionally, a network filter class A can be installed. Equipment work with power from 0,37 to 90 kW with alternating current 400B.

PM330 performs itself better in compressors, pumps and fans systems. Network filters are installed on request. Such modules can operate with power from 160 to 200 kW and AC voltage of 400V.

PM240 is designed to perform common tasks in working with electrical motors. An external braking resistor is installed in the device, which allows dynamic braking. Operating power range of device is from 0.37 to 250kW at 400V AC.

PM240-2 also performs tasks in standard applications. Additionally, a network filter can be installed here. The device is equipped with external ventilation. It works with capacities from 0.55 to 15kW and 400V AC.

PM250 is designed to work in network recuperation. Class A filter can be installed optionally in design. Modules can support dynamic braking with subsequent energy recovery further into the network. Available power range from 7.5 to 90kW, voltage 400V.

PM260 is also intended for use in network recuperation. Its functions are similar to the previous model, but the device operates with a voltage of 690V. The power range of the modules from 11 to 55kW.

PM230 IP55 / UL characteristics similar to the standard type model, however, they have a degree of protection IP55. Such power modules can be installed directly next to the electric motor.

Sinamics g120 operator panel (OP)Sinamics g120 operator module

This module is not so necessary, but it can significantly simplify the whole device operation.

Siemens produces two models of operator panels for G120:

  1. BOP-2
  2. IOP

BOP-2 is the basic version of the operator panel. It allows to quickly put the device into work by simultaneously displaying main parameters.

Module has a 2-line display, which shows the current process indicators in text mode. It can be mounted in a control module or cabinet door. The module can perform self-diagnosis through its own menu.

IOP is the intelligent version of the operator panel. It can be mounted directly on the control module and can work as a manual terminal in some converters.

It has a graphics display that is capable of transmitting indicators in the histograms forms. The module quickly puts devices into operation using the special software and a manual terminal.

The use of such modules will allow to maximally simplifying commissioning and whole working process.

On our website you can find a wide range of presented models. Please check our catalog of Siemens Sinamics G drives.

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