Types of Burkert solenoid valve


Solenoid valve is a device, which can control the flow of liquids and gases in valve systems.


  1. Solenoid valve design
  2. Components of solenoid valve
  3. Direct acting valves types
  4. Plunger valve
  5. Pivoted armature valve
  6. Rocker arm valve

Solenoid valve design

Valves differ primarily by the type of actuator and purpose. They can be direct acting or servo assisted.

In direct-acting valves, plunger directly acts on diaphragm, which is located above seat. That is, it directly opens and closes the valve.

In servo assisted, another micro valve is additionally used for such purpose.

Despite design features, the common elements in all devices are relatively the same.

All Burket Solenoid Valves consist of:

  1. Body
  2. Coil
  3. Armature(plunger)
  4. Closing spring
  5. Core tube
  6. Electrical connection

The most important elements of the solenoid system are the coil and armature.

Components of solenoid valve

Let's look at each structure element and its functions in detail.

Coil. A coil of copper wire is placed along its surface. A current flow through it and a magnetic field is formed. Coils can be adapted for both alternating and direct current. Each of such type has its own advantages.

For example, in AC-adapted coils, the trigger function occurs faster, but they produce noise pollution. Their work, also require special shading ring in the construction. Coils with direct current are quieter and more reliable, but they do not have such a fast response.

Armature. The second of the most important element is armature. The quality of its material affects the efficiency of entire device. During operation, the energized coil pull armature to itself. When current is no longer applied to the coil, it is returned back by a special spring. Such element is made of wear-resistant materials with good magnetic properties.

Closing spring is necessary to return the armature to its original position. It happens when the voltage in coil drops and magnetic forces can no longer affect the armature.

Core tube is often cylindrical. It is the main operation element of the movement of the rod and the electromagnet. Therefore, it is made of very durable elements.

Electrical connection of the device can be done in several ways, for example by using a cable. For uninterrupted power supply, all connection points have high level of protection.

Body protects entire system from mechanical damage and ingress of harmful elements into the structure. Burkert solenoid valves have an IP 65 protection class.

Direct acting valves types

Company produces many variations and models of such devices.

The most popular burkert direct-control solenoid valves are:

  • plunger
  • pivoted armature
  • rocker

Each type has its own design features and application areas.

Plunger valve

Plunger valves are the most common type. The German company produces two different devices versions:

  1. 2/2- way direct acting solenoid valves.
  2. 3/2 - way direct acting solenoid valves.

2/2- way has a structure that consists of two holes: inlet and outlet. It has a simple system of interaction between the coil and the armature. When valve is not energized, the spring presses the core to the seat and thereby blocks the flow. This category include Bürkert type 6011 and 6013 models.

3/2 - way valves have 3 holes and 2 seats in their design. One of the seats is always in open or closed position. Placement of holes in the design depends on the valve purpose. This category includes burkert valves type 6011 and 6014.

Pivoted armature valve

Such valves are available in both 3/2 and 2/2 versions. All holes are located directly on the body. The protection of the internal electromagnetic system provides by special diaphragm. Models are equipped with a manual switch. To such valves additionally can be connected systems for monitoring and control. For example, feedback or optical sensor. The most popular model is the Burkert type 0330.

Rocker arm valve

Available in 3/2-way version. It designed specifically to work in systems with compressed air. There are options both with and without isolation diaphragm. The principle of operation is similar to pivoted. Special "swing" alternately closes holes, which allows to effectively controlling airflow. The most popular models in the series are burkert type 6104 and 6106.

Valves of presented type are used in almost all areas where it is necessary to regulate, direct, redistribute flows. They can work, for example, both in washing systems, and in grocery machines, and also in many other mechanisms.

On our website, you can find a catalog of the most popular solenoid burkert valves.

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